Validation Cloud Raises $5.8M to Prepare Web3 for Global Enterprise Adoption

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Web3 infrastructure provider Validation Cloud has raised $5.8 million in its first external funding round led by Cadenza Ventures and participation from Blockchain Founders Fund, Bloccelerate, Blockwall, and others.

Validation Cloud, a leader in Web3 infrastructure, announced on Tuesday, February 27th, that it raised $5.8 million in its first external funding round led by SF-based Cadenza Ventures.

In a press release shared with Cryptowisser, the team said the funding round also saw  

participation from a global syndicate of notable firms including Blockchain Founders Fund, Bloccelerate, Blockwall, Side Door Ventures, Metamatic, GS Futures, and AP Capital.

While commenting on this latest development, Validation Cloud Co-Founder Alex Nwaka said,

“Validation Cloud recognized the critical need for scalable and compliant infrastructure to onboard the influx of enterprises embracing Web3. We are privileged to partner with our global investors who are accelerating the adoption of Validation Cloud’s platform by visionary networks, builders, and asset managers around the world."

Validation Cloud has built a proprietary system architecture that includes several major breakthroughs for Web3. Thanks to this, its platform is now fast and scalable and delivers Staking, Node API, and Data to users. 

The company was founded by pioneers in Proof-of-Stake and the team has grown to include highly seasoned operators who have built for massive scale for the likes of Uber, Workday, Deloitte, Citadel, Morgan Stanley, Binance,, Figure, R3, and more.

Kumar Dandapani, Managing Partner at Cadenza also commented that,

“At Cadenza, we do not invest in just any company; we invest in the future of transformative technologies. Validation Cloud's pioneering role in Proof-of-Stake and their relentless pursuit of next-generation Web3 infrastructure have set them apart as leaders in the Web3 space. Cadenza is proud to lead this round and support Validation Cloud's mission to bridge the gap between traditional enterprises and the expansive power of Web3.”

Validation Cloud usually partners with networks at their earliest stages of development and supports their ecosystems of users with best-in-class infrastructure. 

The project provides the necessary foundations for enterprise adoption of networks across various blockchains, including Chainlink, Stellar, Hedera, Aptos, Berachain, and Eigenlayer. 

Validation Cloud is a Web3 data streaming and infrastructure company that connects organizations to Web3 through a fast, scalable, and intelligent platform. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Validation Cloud offers highly performant and customizable products in staking, node, and data-as-a-service.



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