SSV.Network And Collaborate To Launch DVT Staking API For Institutions

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SSV.Network has partnered with to launch the DVT Staking API, which enables the seamless integration of staking services for institutions.

SSV.Network, a decentralized Ethereum staking infrastructure protocol, announced on Monday, November 13th, that it has partnered with, a non-custodial institutional staking provider.

In a press release shared with Cryptowisser, the team said part of the integration is the DVT Staking API, which enables the seamless integration of staking services for institutions.

The DVT Staking API was designed by SSV.Network and and offer a streamlined workflow to accommodate the diverse risk, compliance, and other needs of custodians, wallets, and neo-banks. 

SSV.Network explained that the API provides seamless integration for initiating DVT-powered staking requests using the SSV protocol, enhancing institutions’ staking security and robustness for the end user. 

The protocol also acts as a bridge, simplifying the navigation of DVT staking through and other top-tier node operators, ensuring a seamless transition to decentralized staking for’s institutional customers. 

DVT is a method that allows the distribution of an Ethereum validator’s duties among multiple non-trusting nodes to provide fault tolerance and security. Short for Distributed Validator Technology, DVT is crucial in mitigating staking risks, offering a robust framework for managing digital assets and staking strategies. 

The SSV.Network team revealed that as it moves through the last stages of the mainnet launch, an increasing number of staking applications will be deployed using SSV infrastructure to secure and decentralize their validator operations.

Developers can leverage the features of smart contracts to swiftly deploy, scale, and decentralize various staking applications on Ethereum. 

The partnership between the two entities began when joined the SSV Limited Mainnet Launch as a Mainnet Verified Operator. T

While commenting on this latest development, Alon Muroch, Core Team Lead said, 

“From the largest institutional grade staking services to at-home stakers can benefit from using infra. The goal is to have many diverse onramps to DVT-powered staking to secure and decentralize Ethereum. The staking API is an excellent example of what can be done to promote the next era in staking.” 

Alex Esin, CEO of, added that, 

“We welcome all institutions and businesses to leverage this novel Staking API, to not only meet the demands of their current staking strategy but also to be well-prepared for the decentralized landscape of tomorrow.”

SSV.Network is a leader in the development of Distributed Validator Tech. DVT enables the distributed operation of Ethereum validators through a network of trustless nodes. As a core component of Ethereum’s roadmap, DVT aims to solve protocol-wide correlation and downtime risks. 

Meanwhile, provides staking infrastructure for Ethereum and 49 other blockchain programs, including Cardano and Cosmos. The company's institutional staking solutions, including white label nodes and slashing insurance, have been used to stake more than $2.1 billion worth of assets.


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