Phemex Launches Major Web 3.0 Initiative "Phemexia"

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This “Web 3.0 revolution” will combine centralized and decentralized finance elements

Cryptocurrency exchange Phemex is launching a new Web 3.0 initiative called Phemexia. This “Web 3.0 revolution” will combine centralized and decentralized finance elements. 

Within Phemexia, users can get early access to the Phemex token via pre-mining and the ability to participate in decentralized governance via the Phemex DAO.

In order to gain entry to Phemexia, users must connect an Ethereum wallet and then mint their Pemex Soul Pass

The Phemex Soul Pass is the first Soulbound Token used by a major cryptocurrency exchange to decentralize ownership. These initiatives are taking Phemex from a centralized exchange to a semi-centralized exchange.

Other Phemexia campaigns include staking yields and soulbound token airdrops.

To become an investor with this exchange, read our full Phemex review, to understand the Phemex fee structure, staking options, and the different advantages this exchange offers.

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