Particle Network to Become the Intent-Centric Modular Access Layer of Web3

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Web3 infrastructure provider Particle Network has announced its intent to transform into the Intent-Centric Modular Access Layer of Web3.

Particle Network, a pioneering Web3 infrastructure platform, has announced its strategic intent to transform into the Intent-Centric Modular Access Layer of Web3.

While announcing this latest development in a blog post, Particle Network said the move represents a major evolution in the platform's capabilities, aiming to empower developers and enhance user experiences in the Web3 domain.

Particle Network was first launched as a Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) tool, and it has since evolved significantly to integrate advanced technologies such as account abstraction (AA) –giving birth to Modular Smart WaaS. 

The company is currently preparing to release its innovative technology stack to ensure interoperability, data sovereignty, and efficiency in the Web3 space, with Modular Smart WaaS serving as a base layer. 

The company said its upcoming technology stack includes the Intent Fusion Protocol, a permissionless, universal framework for expressing, transforming, and executing users’ intents, powered by an underlying Solver Network and a Domain Specific Language.

Furthermore, Particle will also release a Confidential zkStack to help preserve users’ data privacy while logging into and using Web3 dApps acts as the third core component of the Particle ecosystem. 

Particle Network said it is also focusing on its proprietary PoS zkEVM, the Particle Chain, and a token-centric economic model. Its native Particle Network token will play crucial roles within the ecosystem, including covering gas fees, securing the network, enabling proof generation, participating in the intent marketplace, and contributing to governance decisions.

While commenting on this latest development, CEO Pengyu Wang said, 

"The ecosystem that Particle Network has evolved into today is a result of the collaborative efforts between our team, partners, and community members. Innovations such as Modular Smart WaaS, the Intent Fusion Protocol, and our Confidential zkStack demonstrate our dedication to building the access Layer of Open Web”.

The evolution of the Particle Network is designed to create an integrated ecosystem that significantly enhances the Web3 experience for both developers and users.

The Particle Network team said they remain committed to transforming the industry from an engineer-friendly finance model to a consumer-friendly market. The network’s evolution also aims to enhance the Web3 ecosystem through a deeply interconnected, synergetic approach that increases Web3 efficiency, privacy, and interoperability while capturing the value generated via an innovative economic model that abstracts the concepts of gas, chains, and accounts.

Particle Network is building the Intent-Centric Access Layer of Web3. Particle's Modular Smart Wallet-as-a-Service tools allow developers to tap into MPC-TSS and social logins to enable self-custodial, dApp-embedded wallets accessible through users' Web2 accounts. This also allows them to tap into ERC-4337 account abstraction, enabling a seamless experience with maximum flexibility. 



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