Pantos’s Multichain Token Creator Goes Live

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Pantos has announced the launch of its Multichain Token Creator, enabling users to configure and deploy their own multichain tokens.

Pantos, a Multichain Token System conceived by the team behind Bitpanda, announced on Wednesday, May 17th, that it had launched its Multichain Token Creator. 

According to the development team, the Creator is an easy-to-use web app that enables users to configure and deploy their own multichain tokens. The multichain tokens will be built on top of the Pantos Digital Asset Standard (PANDAS).

The Mutlchain Token Creator also allows developers in the blockchain ecosystem to configure their base token and download the contract code to extend it with their custom functionality.

The team explained that with the Multichain Token Creator, it has become easier for projects to launch on multiple blockchain networks, increasing their reach without much effort and creating more opportunities for the community and the projects themselves. 

The solution eliminates the need for assets to be confined to a single blockchain. While commenting on this latest development, Marius Ciortan, the Director of Product Engineering at Pantos, stated that;

“Our Multichain Token Creator is a defining innovation in the blockchain space, offering developers and projects an effortless way to adopt a revolutionary multichain token standard that drives unparalleled cross-chain collaboration and opens up endless possibilities for the future of decentralized technology.”

 Developers will also enjoy the Creator as it will dramatically reduce the time and complexity of developing multichain assets, enabling them to launch their tokens within minutes. 

For users, the creator will allow them to enjoy a smoother multichain experience thanks to the increased availability of native multichain assets through the easy token creation process.

The team added that it would showcase the Token Creator to the public for the first time during Super Demo at the upcoming EDCON conference, to be held between May 19-23 in Montenegro. 

Pantos will also introduce the Pantos Digital Asset Standard (PANDAS) at the event. The EDCON Super Demo provides a platform for startups or projects promoting the development of Ethereum technology and its ecosystem. 

Pantos began in 2018 as an in-house research project by Bitpanda in collaboration with TU Wien (Austria). 

At the moment, Pantos supports seven chains on testnet, including; Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB, Cronos, Celo and Fantom. The team also plans and plans to integrate more EVM and non-EVM chains continuously.


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