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Whatever skillset you hope to bring to the crypto world, the site provides the tools to find out if there is an opportunity for you

There is an abundance of cryptocurrency and blockchain news telling us about an endless list of new projects and exciting new technology available to us. But, there isn’t much coverage regarding opportunities to participate and how we can involve ourselves in this excitement. 

For those aspiring to engage and potentially work in the crypto industry, the requirements for entry aren’t that high—of course, depending on what you want to do. The crypto job space isn’t that complex, and there is a broad range of opportunities for workers offering all kinds of skills.

A common misconception is the idea that working in the blockchain and Web3 space is highly technical and is reserved for those with a knowledge of cryptology and software development. While there are ample opportunities for these candidates, projects and major exchanges also need employees to fill the roles of any other business.

What’s important is you find the right job to suit you. In step cryptojobs.com, which provides a one-stop-shop for all things crypto. The site caters to applicants and employers. Whatever skillset you hope to bring to the crypto world, the site provides the tools to find out if there is an opportunity for you. Let’s run through some of the best features available on the site.

Key Features

As you arrive on the homepage, you are met with all the most important aspects of the website. The first thing you should do is sign up so the site buttons will allow you to navigate the site correctly. 

On the first fold of the page, you are met with tabs for posting and searching for jobs. Then, as you scroll down, jobs are divided into various categories, which we’ve broken down in the list below.

  • Looking For a Job - The first of the two main tabs on the site, which will take you through to the main job board. There, you will find the complete list of jobs posted. There are a range of filters to help you to narrow down your search.
  • Offer a Job - The site caters to both employers and potential employees. Cryptojobs.com has certain requirements for job postings (Summary, Key Responsibilities, Qualifications, and Skills), which can be found as you search through any of the positions listed on the main board.
  • Premium Jobs - Premium jobs have been boosted to the top of the pile and offer some of the best roles. You will find that some companies have been marked with a “Verified” blue tick to highlight the companys’ validity. Though many top companies don’t have this blue tick, you shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. 
  • Featured Jobs - These jobs fall just below the Premium jobs and have been boosted through a payment scheme. 
  • Trending Jobs - The last category is jobs that have garnered the most attention recently and may be considered the most popular. 

Main Job Board

The main job board is simple but ticks all the boxes. You have the main search box where you can search for jobs by title (Engineering, Marketing, Blockchain Development, Content Writing, etc...) and location. While many jobs in the industry are remote, some companies require employees to travel to the office onsite. 

You can filter the search results once you’ve submitted the company details. In keeping with the concept of the site, the filters are straightforward. The filter categories are Status, Apply By, Job Type, and Work Flexibility. Once you’ve narrowed the search results to cater to your desires, users will be met with extensive details about the job post and options to apply and contact the company posting the job. If the details listed aren’t complete, you can send a message with any queries. 

Another neat feature is that each job post displays all the core information without opening the job post. This includes the date posted, number of views, number of applicants, job location, whether it’s a full or part-time role, and sometimes even the salary. You can also find out whether the jobs pay in crypto, which is often one of the applicants' main questions. 


For applicants with their hearts set on specific companies, cryptojobs.com offers a “Companies” section. Here, you’ll find jobs posted by specific companies. At the time of publishing, the company offered the most jobs in the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, with roles such as Project Research, Head of Ops, and Senior Project Manager. 

Available Jobs Today

To conclude, we thought it would be best to show you the roles currently listed on the site. We’ve picked one Premium and Featured job post and one of our favorites! Let’s take a look:

  • Premium - A full-time, remote engineering position for a Senior Frontend Engineer - Portfolio, Assets for the American software company Consensys.
  • Featured - A full-time, remote cloud security architecture role for leading Hong Kong-based company BitMEX.
  • Our Pick - We went with the fast-growing South African-based company Crypto Banter, which is looking for an onsite role for the Head of Social Media Content, paying $ 1000 USD per month. Given the number of positions listed on the site, it’s clear the company is looking to expand. A great opportunity for anyone living in the Rainbow Nation!


Nikolas Sargeant

Nik is a content and public relations specialist with an ever-growing interest in Crypto. He has been published on several leading Crypto and blockchain based news sites. He is currently based in Spain, but hails from the Pacific Northwest in the US.

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