Libra Explained (Infographic)

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Libra Explained

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Libra Explained

This infographic on Libra, Facebook’s own cryptocurrency, that we call “Libra Explained”, is so easy to understand that you can show it to your grandma. And that it is not an easy task, seeing as cryptocurrencies are a bit complex by nature. To be honest, we still feel that Facebook has some work to do in order to more clearly explain how Libra will be different from other cryptocurrencies. The main advantage of Libra is really one big thing – Facebook can market it to its 2.4 billion users easily. If you’re marketing resources are unlimited, that’s an extremely powerful tool in all industries. And the cryptocurrency industry is definitely no exception.

Once Libra has been launched, we will naturally add it to our database and you will be able to see at which exchanges you can trade Libra in our Cryptocurrency Exchange List. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange List is the largest such list in the world, listing more than 400 different cryptocurrency exchanges with information on fees, deposit methods, security and much more.

Finally, we want to thank our friends at MrBTC for preparing the excellent infographic above. Explaining complicated topics through pictures is a pedagogical model that has truly been around for ages.

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