Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) Token Launches on Numerous Exchanges Including Bybit

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Data Ownership Protocol's $DOP token is now available on major exchanges like Bybit as $DOP1, enhancing user-centric data ownership with its innovative blockchain solutions.

Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) has announced the listing of its $DOP token on seven prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bybit, effective July 5th, 2024. This expansion includes a comprehensive Bybit review, ensuring clarity by listing $DOP as $DOP1 to avoid confusion with existing fiat coins.

Six weeks since its successful testnet phase attracted 2.67 million users, DOP's mainnet launched, marking substantial growth in the ecosystem. Over 1 million DOP wallets were created, securing assets exceeding $10 million. This underscores growing demand for user-controlled data solutions.

Kohji Hirokado, DOP co-founder and former Cardano core member, highlighted the $DOP token's listing as pivotal: "It reflects our commitment to blockchain transparency and privacy, empowering users to manage their data."

$DOP serves dual roles, facilitating fee payments and community rewards, driving token demand through transaction fees and deflationary mechanisms. Over 210 million DOP tokens are allocated for staking rewards, with 1.1 billion DOP tokens staked.

Bybit's emergence as the world's second-largest crypto exchange underscores market influence. DOP plans a $5 million developer grant, expanding capabilities and EVM deployment to enhance accessibility and reduce gas fees. An upcoming SDK will simplify dApp integration, with enhanced NFT security and functionality on the horizon.

About Data Ownership Protocol (DOP)

Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) empowers individuals and businesses by providing control over their data in the cryptocurrency realm. In a landscape where financial data is publicly available on blockchains, DOP leverages advanced technologies like zero-knowledge cryptography to enable selective transparency, ensuring users can decide what data to share and with whom.

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