Bitget Bolsters Crypto Security with Cutting-Edge MPC Technology Upgrade

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Bitget enhances wallet security using MPC tech, distributed computing, and TEE. Explore Smart Copy, Smart Money modes, and join our fraud survey with FXStreet and Finance Magnates for valuable insights.

Incorporating MPC technology, Bitget divides private keys into segments across multiple servers, ensuring transactions occur without revealing keys in a single location. TEE contributes hardware-level security, fortifying the overall wallet infrastructure. This technological advancement is part of Bitget's ongoing commitment to implementing innovative security solutions, following the launch of an MPC-enhanced wallet to safeguard users' digital assets.

Bitget Unveils New Smart Copy and Smart Money Modes

Bitget has actively expanded its offerings, introducing major updates in 2023. The upgraded copy trading system, "Smart Copy Mode," allows users to allocate investments and execute trades based on their total assets, streamlining the copy trading process for novice investors. Furthermore, Bitget Wallet, formerly BitKeep, introduced the artificial intelligence-powered "Smart Money" tool, tracking over 6,000 high-performing crypto addresses to identify potential signals and trends.

According to Alvin Kan, COO of Bitget Wallet, the goal is to "empower users to preemptively discern market trends, promptly uncover investment opportunities, and consequently bridge the gap between ordinary investors and Smart Money." The transformative 2023 witnessed Bitget Wallet's rebranding and surpassed 12 million global users. The 2024 report indicates a 94% increase in crypto spot trading volumes and a doubling of the user base from 8 million to 20 million.

A Fraud Survey

Participate in our joint survey by FXStreet and Finance Magnates Group, exploring prevalent online financial fraud types, platforms used for fraudulent activities, countermeasure effectiveness, and challenges faced by companies in combating such fraud. Your insights will shape future strategies and resource allocation in the ongoing fight against financial fraud.

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