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Most Promising Crypto Presales and ICOs in 2023

If you’re considering getting involved in the cryptocurrency niche in 2023 you may have come across presales and initial coin offerings (ICOs) and these can be a simple and exciting way for both those new to crypto and those with experience to make the most of their efforts. As there is some worthwhile potential when choosing the right projects (and some significant pitfalls when selecting the wrong ones), let’s take a look at the most promising projects this year.

Important info about crypto presales and ICOs

Before jumping in, it can be a good idea to understand a little bit about what each of these crypto investment avenues is. Firstly, ICOs are typically launched by businesses hoping to raise funds and can come in the form of proprietary crypto coins. These will either have some utility or act as a stake, but this will vary from company to company.

Crypto presales on the other hand are campaigns launched to generate interest in an upcoming crypto-based project and typically offer cheap, exclusive entry for those wanting to buy in - to increase interest so that capital can be raised and tokens bought to market quicker.

The similarities come in the two when presale ICOs step into the fray.

As the market for crypto and ICO presales is so varied, it can be important to select the right project when you are putting your money on the line. The lower price-points can seem attractive on the face of it, but it will always be in your best interest to be cautious and do your research, as the biggest risk is associated with the newness of these types of projects and the fact that potential can quickly evolve into loss in value (as often, there is no market adoption).

Top crypto and ICO presales for 2023

Choosing the best cryptocurrency to buy can be a daunting task, especially for beginners in the crypto world. With thousands of digital assets available in the market, it is important to conduct thorough research before investing your hard-earned money. 

One way to choose the top cryptocurrency to buy today is to look at the market capitalization of the digital asset. A high market cap indicates that the cryptocurrency is widely adopted and has a strong following in the market. Popular cryptocurrencies with high market caps include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, and Dogecoin, among others.

Another way to choose the top cryptocurrency to buy today is to analyze the technology behind the digital asset. Cryptocurrencies with innovative technology and use cases have a higher chance of succeeding in the long run. For example, Ethereum is considered the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap because it enables developers to build decentralized applications on its blockchain. Similarly, Cardano aims to provide a more sustainable and scalable blockchain solution than other cryptocurrencies.


The crypto presales with the most potential will often be the ones that offer an entirely new concept or those that support a major cause. With this in mind, one of the ones to watch in 2023 is Ecoterra. This crypto presale focuses on providing an eco-driven incentive for users where recycling will be rewarded with tokens to help to combat climate change and clean up the environment. It has already established itself as a promising project, as over $3 million was raised just three weeks from launch and the numbers are looking particularly appealing. If you choose to enter the Ecoterra presale right now (at phase 4) you can expect to pay $0.00625 (the value is set to reach around $0.01 by the ninth, final presale phase which will close on June 28, 2023).


As Doge is one of the biggest industry names, it’s no surprise that the presale launch of this AI-based meme generator is seeing some significant interest. This ICO project aims to bring an innovative meme platform to life, where users can talk about their meme passions, create their own and even distribute them across the community with a native AI token (with daily credit rewards as an incentive). Right now, the ICO price is $0.0000336 USDT - and with 1 trillion AI tokens on offer, the initial market capitalisation value is already at $29,800,000.


Modern problems require modern solutions - and that’s the exact concept behind cryptocurrency presales for the DeeLance platform. This project is the precursor to a decentralized freelancing platform that functions via the native $DLANCE coin, bringing together recruiters and potential employees through the metaverse. Tokens are currently on sale at $0.029 and with the sixth and final phase projected to reach $0.035, there is certainly some potential there for investors.

Swords of Blood

Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, AI and the Metaverse are beginning to bring some exciting innovations to the gaming industry, so it’s no surprise that there are individuals and companies utilising the potential of crypto presales to fund the development of exciting new online games. One of the ones making a huge impact in 2023 is Swords of Blood, a free-to-play, immersive gaming ecosystem that is fuelled by cryptocurrency transactions. Launching in March, presales have already raised $1.2 million and it’ll only cost individuals $0.054 in phase one (which is estimated to reach around $0.070 in phase 2, before closing out in the third).


Another project aiming to provide a modern solution is MindAI, which is generating collateral and interest for a new wave of AI-based cryptocurrency exchanges. Users will be able to get involved with all the usual crypto trading endeavours via the native TMCX coin, with innovative AI functionality, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and much more.  Presales for this project actually have a whopping 8 phases and investors can get in now at $0.15 per token.

What to look for when selecting the right crypto or ICO presale

One of the biggest drawbacks when thinking of the potential that presales and ICOs can provide is that there is no historical data to back up the projections made, no matter how attractive projects may seem. As there are a myriad of scams out there also, it can be even more important to practice caution. The good news is that there are ways to determine the potential of a project, namely:

  • Read the whitepaper of the project

  • Take a look at the roadmap and track milestones 

  • Research the development team behind the project

  • Review the tokenomics 

  • Consider entry prices, projections for later phases and the initial revenue generated at the end of phase one

  • Take the opinions/sentiment of social media users into account

  • Take some time to determine developing trends

Once you have done all of the above, you will be in a better position to make more educated decisions and potentially gain significant rewards.

Bottom line

Any investment in cryptocurrency comes with risks, no matter how small, but the volatility and profit potential keeps traders and investors entering the niche and finding new avenues every day. Many individuals turn to presales and ICOs to generate a passive income, follow the excitement of being a part of market innovation and to feel like they belong to an ever-growing community of individuals with the same interests and goals - and if these factors are attractive to you in your endeavours, these types of projects could be the perfect solution.



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