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MoonXBT Starts Free Listing Application to Support Crypto Innovation

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MoonXBT, the leading crypto social trading exchange, is sending invitations to crypto projects to apply for free listing on the platform. Crypto projects can fill the online application form to join the “to be listed for free” pool. Projects with decent quality will then be picked out for public votes which eventually decides who gets listed for free on MoonXBT.

It plays a vital role for innovative projects to get funding from the public to leverage future growth with capital. The development of blockchain technology has lowered the threshold for projects to do the above by getting on crypto exchanges. Meanwhile, crypto projects rely heavily on community participation given their nature of decentralisation. Getting listed on exchanges also helps them to gain exposure and support from the community. 

However, it’s getting more and more difficult to get listed on crypto exchanges. The saturation of crypto market competition makes it really hard for crypto projects to stand out to be handpicked by crypto exchange. Most of the projects have to pay a big bulk of money to get listed

MoonXBT believes that the innovation brought by various crypto projects are the ultimate driving force for the crypto market and the solution to the current stagnation of crypto assets. However, charging the projects heavily to get listed may stop them from getting the needed fund and support and furthermore hinder creation and prolong the stagnation.

MoonXBT accepts free listing applications from Sep 1st to 30th. By providing crypto projects such opportunities, it helps them to get timely funding and support to keep innovating and bring the crypto market out of the depression soon. 

In addition to the zero listing fee, getting listed on MoonXBT has other advantages. MoonXBT has a comprehensive product line consisting of spot market, liquid contract, warrant option and perpetual sap. For projects that have been chosen, the exchange will open the relative trading pair not only in the spot market but also in the derivative market which will bring more liquidity to the project. 

In terms of helping the projects to build awareness and get exposure, MoonXBT as the leading social trading platform, has a very strongly connected, international community and a very diverse marketing toolkit. 

MoonXBT also specialises in integrating trading with social interaction. With abundant resources of industry influencers and professional traders, MoonXBT can help crypto projects establish brand awareness and acquire seed users fast. The social trading products such as trading battle and forum can also be utilised to increase exposure to the projects. 

Moreover, MoonXBT has an international community with users from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Russia and Latin America. Getting listed on MoonXBT not only helps crypto projects to accumulate awareness among users, but among global users. 

On top of the above, listed projects will get a bundle of marketing services from MoonXBT including social media announcement, ad placement on the website and application. Also joint promotion campaigns will be held to broadcast the project to the community such as giveaways, AMAs and promotional competitions. 

Last but not the least, as a young exchange, even though MoonXBT may not have a large user base compared to the top ones, it doesn’t have the issue of “too many fishes in the sea” either. Projects wouldn’t be worried about getting listed but going unnoticed. 

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