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Mobile Device Slot Players On The Increase

It’s amazing to think that only two decades ago the whole world of online casino was just about finding its feet. Online slots were somewhat of a rarity back in those days. Mostly, it was lacking the technology to really make a firm imprint on the casino world. Fast forward to 2019 though and that has all changed – online slots are one of the most popular instances of online gambling available anywhere!

And here’s the thing, where video slots online were once the province of computers and laptops, recent strides in technology have enabled developers to make full use of the mobile phone boom. Now, more than ever, people are using their smartphones to spin those reels, and it has had a profound affect on the whole market. Mobile device slot players are truly on the increase, so much so that they threaten to overtake the gamblers who still prefer a trusty old desktop computer. Bonkers!

How Are Mobile Device Slot Players On The Increase?

In order to fully understand the massive expansion of mobile device slot players we must first touch on exactly how this has been allowed to happen. Think about it, even a decade ago most people didn’t possess the appropriate technology to spin the reels and enjoy it as much as on a laptop. Imagine trying to play a video slot like Starburst on an old Nokia? It just wouldn’t translate.

Enter the age of the smartphone, spearheaded of course by Apple’s game changing iPhone. Now developers actually had the hardware that could run their games on a mobile platform. They have also taken full advantage of it. Other technological developments such as HTML5 massively impacted on this new face of the industry. It also enabled cross platform slots to be created with ease.

Why Are Mobile Device Slot Players On The Increase?

So we have touched on how mobile device slot players have increased, but what about why? Well, the answer is simple, mobile phones are just so much more practical than laptops or desktop computers – you simply cannot argue with that! Nowadays you can gamble on your way to work, whilst the dinner is cooking, you could even do it whilst walking the dog – all because of the mobile online slot world.

Do you really expect people to go back to their laptop computers once they have tasted that level of gambling ease? Don’t think so. And another huge plus for this market is that devs are now making their games with the smart-phone in mind. This means that the titles are only getting smoother and more fun to play. It’s a no brainer!

The Stats

And anyway, the stats well and truly speak for themselves here – the mobile casino industry has changed the game. It is estimated that the number of mobile casino users will increase by 100 million over the next several years. Pretty astronomical, right? Amazingly this market accounted for only 3% of online gambling activity in 2012, but now sits at well over 50%!



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