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Is Betting Possible With Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency usually used online to execute transactions, a form of currency that will fluctuate in the market depending on stocks and exchange. You will find many cryptocurrencies to choose from, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin, Binance Coin, XRP, and more.

The online cryptocurrency scene was a stranger to us some years back, and then it cracked into the dark web and attained a strained reputation. If we fast forward to today, many of your everyday transactions could be done with crypto, including your gambling time and fun. Bitcoin bookies do exist in abundance, and you are invited to sign up, wager in, and play.

What is a Crypto Betting site?

Cryptocurrency-powered gambling sites offer a new way of gambling. By placing your bets here, you can bet using virtual coins and choose to either play casino games of chance or wager money on sports betting. All your transactions will be done in cryptocurrency, choosing from a vast selection of cryptocurrencies since the site is powered solely with such payments, payments via Skill, Mastercard, Paypal, and other wallets you are normally used to. Since no payment methods integration is needed, you will find the overall site’s UX much more pleasurable and swifter.

Compared to your traditional wallet-funded gambling site, crypto betting sites grant you many advantages. Let’s say you sign up for a new gambling site that offers payments via Bitcoins; your activity at the site will be much faster with better gameplay options. If you choose to wager money on sports, expect better odds than your regular bookmaker, and winning payouts will be heftier.

Is Betting Possible With Crypto

Benefits of Betting at a Crypto gambling site

We did mention that gambling at a crypto casino has many benefits and perks; however, we only touched base with a few of the benefits that crypto sites offer. If we had to compare BTC sites with traditional sites, we could come up with a good number of benefits. Below is a snippet of the pros of choosing a cryptocurrency casino.

Anonymity - When signing up for a new gambling site, you are asked for a barrage of personal information. You would need to provide your name, address, and a recent utility bill showing your address, with proof of where you found your gambling from (bank statement). If the CS team deems that you need to be asked further questions, they will ask before opening your account or before releasing your winning funds. Things work slightly differently at a crypto site, where you are not asked for personal information at all, not even your name. Here your playtime is free, with no restrictions, and with no halting to your fun.

Bigger Betting Markets - Unlike your traditional sportsbook gambling site, Bitcoin casinos offer bigger betting markets, reaching wider sports tournaments and leaderboards across the globe. Simply head over to the sports section, choose your go-to sports, and choose your market from the available drop-down menu.

Security - A selling point to many cryptocurrency-powered gambling sites is definitely security. Because BTC is powered online and is not a physical currency, more layers of security are needed to ensure full security between the gambler and the betting site. While regular gambling sites also offer a high level of security, Crypto sites use cutting-edge security technologies to protect your data and financial information. Unlike traditional sports bookmakers, which may not have adequate security measures. Crypto betting sites take extra steps to secure your personal and financial information at all times and all costs.

Faster Transactions - Your wallet at the casino site, along with your transactions, are a very important aspect of your playtime. You need to be able to play with ease whilst gambling and also trust that your winnings are also transferred to you in a short period of time from your withdrawal request. This assurance is guaranteed with crypto sites, where all your deposits are done immediately, and any winning withdrawals are also transferred in BTC to your account immediately. There is no endless waiting or speaking to customer support to get your funds; at crypto sites, all transactions are done swiftly.

How to choose the best Crypto betting site to sign up and play

Cryptocurrency gambling has become quite popular in recent years; hence more choices are available for you in choosing a site and playing. If you are looking for a new gambling experience, there are some things to keep in mind. Choosing one website over the other could be beneficial at times. Here are some things to keep in mind and consider when selecting your next gambling site:

Licensing - Most cryptocurrency gambling sites hold a Curacao gambling license. It is imperative to play at only legal and licensed gambling sites to ensure a smooth play. To check for a license, check the site T&C section or the bottom of the site’s lobby page.

Reviews - Other punter reviews are also worth considering when looking for a new gambling site. If other players find the site not so reputable, it would be wise to stay away. It is worth considering for your playtime only if the crypto site has positive reviews.

Reliable Customer Support - At the start of your journey at a new gambling site, you will have some initial questions about games, payments, odds, the signup process, etc. For that, you would need a 24/7 customer support team that would ideally be reached via chat. Chat is a convenient way to communicate with your gaming provider and get the first contact resolution to your issue in a limited amount of time.  The days of sending emails and waiting for 48hrs for a response are indeed over.

Game / Market Selection / Better Odds - When comparing gambling sites, we often seek and compare the games that make our hearts miss a beat. Market selection is another element to consider when choosing one gambling site over another. And finally, the better odds will help you determine which site will give you a better return on your money and will probably secure a win.



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