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How to Get Cash Without Selling Your Crypto

From Bitcoin to Ethereum, cryptocurrency is spreading like wildfire, and it’s no surprise. Crypto speculators are finding innovative ways to earn a living through crypto trading, lending, and renting. The most appealing opportunity: it can all be done from any internet connection, anywhere in the world, and everyone can join in on the action. Although these digital coins are popular due to their great profit potential from even just buying and holding, there are many opportunities which are often overlooked when first discovering crypto markets. Becoming successful within cryptocurrency often requires patience, technical analysis, and careful decision-making. But it does not need to be over-complicated. Let’s dive into how to get cash without selling crypto.

People new to cryptocurrency may only know the buy low-and-sell high strategy, which involves purchasing digital assets and selling them when the value rises. While buying and holding appears as the most common practice among crypto investors, there are even more exciting opportunities where crypto investors can get cash without selling their crypto assets. One of the top methods that have been growing in popularity is crypto renting. But first, let’s investigate the buy low and sell high strategy.

How to Get Cash Without Selling Your Crypto

Buying Low and Selling High

Digital cryptocurrency assets have been hailed as the future of money by big tech companies, financial institutions, and even governments have adopted cryptocurrency as legal tender. However, many new cryptocurrency speculators often overlook methods to earn passive income from their cryptocurrency. One thing is clear: the crypto market is not for the faint of heart. While crypto tokens have shown to be a success over the years, from buying low and selling high, there is always more opportunity for growth.

One of the main issues cryptocurrency investors have from buying low and selling high is an issue caused by themself: watching the charts and obsessing about price movements, only to make an emotional trade which often leads to selling when the market dips in price. This is also known by many as panic selling. It is no surprise to see crypto twitter boasting “HODL” (Hold on For Dear Life). In the long term, portfolio values rise even through the turbulent waves of crypto. With crypto renting, investors may hold their crypto while they earn a significant percentage from lending assets, also known as crypto renting.

Getting Cash Through Crypto Renting

If a crypto holder wants to earn cash without selling and giving up crypto assets, the best way is to rent out crypto. Renting provides more value out of crypto with this strategy rather than just buying and holding it. Best yet, there is no need to sell any crypto to get cash. The best part about crypto renting is that renters may choose the duration of renting the crypto assets. Crypto renting is often compared to a normal bank account which pays high interest rates. When someone deposits cash into a bank, the bank lends out the money while the account value gains yearly interest. Crypto renting can be seen as similar to depositing cash into a bank.

Another example can be viewed as this scenario: Let’s say you’re a landlord of an apartment building. When a person rents your unit, they are obliged to pay you for the duration they stayed there or used your property. In this case, you are lending other people or organizations your digital money.

In crypto renting, crypto renters have the opportunity to earn yearly interest rates at more than 12.85%. Crypto holders earn more on their assets with no fear of catching every market dip, all while gaining interest just as a bank account. Instead of just letting crypto sit and wait for it to increase in value over long periods of time, renters are passively earning money through interest while renting and holding the asset. Once the crypto-renting program ends, renters can sell their crypto assets when the value is higher, leading to more profits, all while benefiting from both crypto-renting and HODLing.

It is reasonable to wonder how to get started with crypto renting and where the most trusted and secure place to rent crypto out is, and luckily the answers are here.

Nebeus: Bridge Your Crypto to Cash

If you have been researching more ways to earn income from cryptocurrency, you have undoubtedly heard of Nebeus. As featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, and Cointelegraph, Nebeus is the industry leader in all things crypto, and Nebeus is most known for its industry-leading crypto renting programs. The platform provides an easy-to-navigate dashboard, and luckily crypto renting is not all Nebeus offers. Nebeus has a cryptocurrency exchange, where users can buy, sell and trade cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. Nebeus is the only platform in the industry that sells insurance for Bitcoin and Ethereum to consumers. And Nebeus is the leader in crypto-backed lending, offering several very competitive loans options. Their quick loans give interest rates as low as 0%, and their flexible loans offer LTVs as high as 80%.

As described earlier, Nebeus somewhat works the same way as a bank. Nebeus has various renting programs that act like savings accounts. When you rent out your crypto to Nebeus, they will pay you interest on the balance in exchange for using your asset for a predefined period. To start renting out crypto, simply create a Nebues account and click on “start renting” found on the Nebeus Homepage. Upon completion, you can choose among their four crypto renting programs: Juniper, Sequoia, Bonsai, and Baobab. Each program sets a minimum amount and a minimum lock-up period during which you won’t be able to retrieve your assets. Once you’ve selected your program, you can launch a program in one click and enjoy watching your portfolio grow. 

Benefits of Renting Crypto on Nebeus

The emerging trend of crypto renting is taking the market by storm. Crypto renting can be done by everyone and is simple, straightforward, and fast. Users who decide to rent out their crypto to Nebeus should know about all benefits listed below.

Choice of Cryptocurrency

Nebeus’s crypto renting programs currently support USD Coin, USD Tether, and the two leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nebeus is adding new cryptocurrencies to their platform, and maybe more crypto renting programs will become available soon.

Flexible Renting Options

The platform has four renting programs that require a varying set of renting timeframe and minimum crypto amount. With the Juniper program, you will rent out a minimum of 0.0025 Bitcoin or 0.03 Ethereum (ETH) for more than a month and will be paid 3.5% per year. The Sequoia program requires a minimum of 0.12 Bitcoin or 3 Ethereum (ETH) for more than four months, and you’ll earn 6.75% per year.

Crypto renters can also earn 6.5% interest per year when lending a minimum of 50 USDC or 50 USDT for more than a month with Nebeus’s Bonsai crypto-renting program. Last but not least, the Baobab crypto renting program has the highest interest rate of 12.85% per year, and this program requires you to rent out a minimum of 1000 USDC or 1000 USDT for more than four months.

Get Paid Every 24 hours

The most significant benefit of crypto renting with Nebeus is that you get your money quickly and on-demand. You have the option to withdraw your earnings every month or as often as every 24 hours. This means if a crypto investor would like to day trade while also earning income from crypto renting, the opportunity is still upheld by choosing when to take out your earnings.

Getting Cash Without Selling Crypto

From young to old, modest investor to multimillionaire broker, everyone should have peace in mind knowing their assets are growing each day. Anyone who wants to get cash without selling their crypto needs to consider renting their crypto with Nebeus. This emerging trend is gaining traction, and word is spreading. Crypto renting is by far the best alternative to the buy low and sell high trading strategy. Not only does crypto renting help crypto enthusiasts get more value out of digital assets, but it’s also the safest and most secure way to grow a crypto portfolio, giving the everyday investor exposure to better cryptocurrency investments.



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