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How To Earn Bitcoins Without Mining In 2020

Are you a latecomer to the bitcoin rush in 2020? Unless you have deep pockets, getting your hands on some bitcoins these days is not that easy. Mining used to be the go-to method if you wanted to get your hands on bitcoins on a regular basis. But with competition heating up, the cost of bitcoin mining has also skyrocketed. Are there any other way you should know on how to earn bitcoins?

How to Earn Bitcoins

But fear not, because there is a hack for pretty much every situation in life, and bitcoins are no different. Here are a few ways on how to earn bitcoins online without mining or investing:

1. Sell products for bitcoin

This is a great option if you are already dabbling in online retail/e-commerce. You can add bitcoins to your existing payment methods. The great thing about this path is that your options are pretty much unlimited. In the world of online retail, you can find buyers for pretty much anything, including:

  • Jewelry and DIY products
  • Furniture and woodworking
  • Gadgets
  • Software and apps
  • Food delivery

Though the big ones like Amazon don’t allow bitcoin payments, there are a fair few online platforms that do allow sellers to accept crypto payments. These include:

  • Overstock
  • Dish
  • eGifter
  • Newegg

Selling for bitcoin is different from selling for fiat currency like dollars or Euros. In 2010, you could order a couple of pizzas with 10k bitcoins. Now, that same 10k is worth a whopping USD 90+ million!

The moral of the story is this: when you get your hands on some bitcoin, hold them for the long term. You have no idea how rich you could get in just a couple of years! Consider any income you make in bitcoins as part of your retirement plan.

2. Work for bitcoins

This is similar to method no. 1, but more in the services sector. It is ideal if you don’t have any products to sell, but have “a certain set of skills.” No, we are not talking about hunting down bad guys or anything Liam Neeson style (!), but rather, more mundane tasks and chores.

Freelancing is a growing global phenomenon that is here for the long haul. If you are willing to work for short term gigs and one time contracts, there are plenty of tasks out there. Firms these days are looking for qualified freelancers to handle stuff like:

  • writing code
  • data analysis
  • secretarial tasks
  • delivery
  • graphic designing

There are multiple platforms online that advertise this kind of work. And many of them also offer payments in bitcoins, making it a way how to earn bitcoins. But since this is not mainstream currency, you will not find them that easily.

Social media platforms like Reddit are a great place to start looking for such gigs. Boards like Jobs4Bitcoin are filled with postings from community members but there are fewer jobs here than at regular boards.

If you want a more professional platform, look no further than Coinality. It is a dedicated online platform for contracts and gigs that pay exclusively in bitcoin. If you have any software and tech skills, this is a great platform as many startups are looking for freelancers here.

Just be careful before taking up an assignment. Do some research on the firms posting the ads on these sites. If they look legit and have some good reviews on sites like Glassdoor, go ahead and work for those guys.

3. Earn bitcoins doing simple online tasks

If you lack any advanced tech skills or products to sell, you have some other simple ways on how to earn bitcoins online. The downside with these options is the slow rate at which you will be able to collect coins.

There are several websites that offer you small amounts of bitcoins for doing simple tasks. These include:

  • Watching videos
  • Looking at ads
  • Visiting certain sites
  • Performing simple analytics
  • Testing out certain functions
  • Doing surveys
  • Referrals

For most of these tasks, the sites will offer you small token amounts, usually in mBTC. Some popular options websites that offer such tasks include:

  • BitcoinGet
  • Bitvisitor
  • QoinPro

If you are blessed with a flair for writing, you can even write articles and post them online at special platforms. Articles that get read and shared the most can get paid in bitcoins. is a site that specializes in this sort of thing. Visitors at the site can vote on your articles and even purchase them for the asking price. You could earn anywhere from $10 to $30 per article if you are really good at crafting interesting content.

4. Online casino gambling

All the other options involve some kind of work or effort. How would you like to earn some bitcoin while having a blast at a casino?

We are not pulling your leg here. Bitcoins casinos are a thing in the online gambling world and they do offer bonuses to new players in cryptocurrencies.

Online gambling is a growing pastime around the world. Many players demand maximum privacy while playing casino games, for reasons that are pretty much self-explanatory.

Unlike other payment options like credit cards and banks, bitcoin wallets offer maximum secrecy and anonymity. These days many casinos encourage players to wager in bitcoins by offering special offers and bonuses.

No deposit bonuses are amazing as they actually give you free cash to wager on the casino’s games. You don’t even have to pay the casino anything to get this bonus.

Finding no deposit promotions that involve bitcoins is not too hard. There are many online casinos that offer transactions almost exclusively in bitcoins and other alt-coins. Called crypto casinos, these are your best bet when it comes to free bitcoins.

Then there are regular online casinos that also accept deposits in bitcoins. Some of these may also offer bonuses involving bitcoin, but they tend to be quite rare.

Like any other shortcut/hack to earning bitcoin without mining, gambling too has its pitfalls. After all, everything here is dependent on luck.

If you get caught up in the rush of wagering, you could end up seriously in the red. So be careful when you sign up at any online casino. Look around for no deposit bonuses and try to quit when you are still winning!

So what do we do now?

The number of bitcoins in the world is expected to stay at 21 million for the foreseeable future. With such finite supply, the value of bitcoins will remain always high, no matter how many new altcoins enter the picture.

This is why you should never give up on bitcoins. Their value may fluctuate with market demand, but it is always a good option to stow away a few coins in a wallet somewhere. You never know when the next boom cycle is going to come!



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