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How to Choose the Right Crypto Casino?

Once you find out about crypto, staying away from the concept is almost impossible. Whether you start investing or try to win crypto in other ways, you will surely find at least 1 crypto-related activity that will intrigue you and offer some crypto earnings right away. 

If you are more on the fun side, you might choose to play a crypto game or gamble on a crypto casino website. But not all platforms are safe, and just like you try to protect your crypto, you have to protect yourself when choosing a crypto casino. 

So, this article will offer you some tips and things you should consider when looking for a crypto gambling website to keep you busy while earning some tokens. 

Crypto Casinos at a Glance

Crypto (or Bitcoin) casinos are online platforms that allow users to navigate various gambling games and bet with crypto. At first, you would say that they do not differ from traditional online casinos, and you are not entirely wrong. 

You gamble with fiat currencies on traditional gambling platforms, but the games are usually quite similar. On both types of platforms, you can find classic games, such as dice, poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, or baccarat. 

Besides, some platforms also offer live casino games or sports betting. If you want to bet on other sports, there are specific crypto casinos that allow users to bet on live streams of major horse racing events. If you, too, are interested, an option to check out is CasinoFans

Things to Consider When Choosing a Crypto Casino

If you aim to start gambling on a crypto casino platform, you should look for how some features work and if a specific website provides what you need to have a positive gambling experience. 

Safety and Security Features

Just like with any other type of crypto project, the levels of security and safety offered by crypto casinos should be high. If not, it is highly possible that users will start looking for another platform. 

Why should you look for a safe and secure platform? Well, using crypto can be a bit risky when you don’t know how a platform works. There are some ill-intended hackers who can’t wait to steal your funds, and if you end up on a crypto scam platform and lose your digital assets, it is almost impossible to recover them. 

Then, there also is a possibility that your personal information gets stolen. Identity theft seems to be at its peak, and once again, it is surprisingly hard to recover what you’ve lost. If you want to start gambling with crypto, thoroughly research the platforms available and find the one that provides the highest levels of security and safety. 

Game Collection

Crypto gambling should be an engaging and fun activity, which implies playing precisely the games you like. This is why you should find a crypto casino's game collection before deciding whether the platform is worth using. This way, you can make an informed decision and avoid disappointments afterward. 

As we mentioned before, crypto casinos usually provide classic gambling games and other special editions or types of games on the side. The classics include blackjack, dice, slots, poker, and more. But such classic games can also have different approaches, and each game has a specific profitability. The more the games, the longer time you will be able to find something that you like. 

Furthermore, try to ensure that the crypto casino you want to choose also provides provably fair games. A provably fair game is more transparent, as it allows users to verify the fairness of their bets. Such games use cryptographic technology to ensure transparency and fairness. When playing a provably fair game, users are able to check the results after every round. 

Other Activities

Many crypto casinos don’t focus on gambling games only. And this is a big advantage for both the platform and its users. For instance, some casinos also offer sports betting. You also bet with crypto, but the activity is different and can help you diversify your actions on a crypto casino. 

Sports betting can be available for plenty of sports, depending on the platform. Usually, a crypto casino that supports worldwide users will try to cover more sports in order for every bettor to have at least 1 sport they like. 

However, you will always find the most popular sports, such as American football, soccer, tennis, MMA, baseball, basketball, or rugby. 


Crypto bonuses are an effective way to incentivize users, no matter the crypto project. As a gambler, a crypto bonus can help you start your crypto gambling journey without an initial investment. This way, if you are new to the industry and gambling, you will be able to learn what it takes to make profits without losing your funds. 

Usually, Bitcoin casinos offer multiple types of bonuses. The most popular might be the welcome bonus. Users can receive a welcome bonus after signing up and providing the information needed to complete the KYC procedure (in case the platform has one). After the KYC is completed, users receive the welcome bonus in the wallet they linked to their account. A welcome bonus can consist of fiat, crypto, or even free spins that can be used on the platform. Some crypto casinos offer gamblers the opportunity to win up to 1 BTC, and this is a truly remarkable reward.

You may also find platforms that offer deposit bonuses. Such rewards are offered to users who successfully complete their first deposit on the platform. Usually, there is no minimum deposit required, but it depends on the Bitcoin casino. 

VIP Programs

Another way in which crypto casinos keep their users close is through VIP programs. A VIP program can differ from platform to platform, but the main idea is similar. Users who constantly gamble on the platform can enter the VIP program and benefit from various bonuses, offers, and other perks. 

Usually, a VIP program can offer you access to limited events, discounts on spins, free crypto or spins, and other benefits that will enhance your experience on the crypto casino website. 

In Conclusion

Considering that crypto is so popular lately, it is time to find the right way to enter the industry. Depending on your interests and funds, there are multiple ways in which you can start earning or investing in crypto, and one of the most popular is represented by crypto casinos.

If you decide to start gambling with crypto, keep in mind that you should thoroughly research the available platforms for a positive experience. Some things you can check include the safety and security features, the game collection, the bonuses offered, and whether the Bitcoin casino has a VIP program. 



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