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How Bryan Legend Is Reinventing Finance With the Vulcan Blockchain

Bryan Legend has earned a reputation in the crypto space as one of the most prominent and innovative figures, and he’s achieved this in just a few short years. A thought leader and disrupter, Legend constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in crypto with businesses and projects such as OOXY Labs, Safuu, and Vulcan Blockchain — decentralized finance solutions that are reinventing the world of finance.

Bryan Legend is seen as something of a DeFi industry pioneer. His work has been responsible for shaping the modern DeFi landscape through his DeFi projects, making it more trusted, reliable, and accessible than ever before.

Bryan Legend

“Crypto itself isn’t going anywhere, but most cryptos are,” Legend observed. “What I mean by that is the future of cryptography and blockchain is here to stay but 99% of the crypto projects that exist today won’t be around in the near future because they are simply not geared the right way in a decentralized manner.” Born in Brisbane, Australia, Bryan Legend has spent more than 10 years in the crypto space, and that experience combined with his exemplary sales background have made him a powerhouse in the sector.

Today, the DeFi market is helping to revolutionize the traditional world of finance by offering people a decentralized way to access financial products and services. DeFi makes it possible to access new investment opportunities without relying on centralized, regulated financial institutions and all the rules and oversight that comes with them.

Through his latest project, the Vulcan Blockchain, Legend hopes to outshine his previous DeFi ventures and completely transform the market for good.

What Is the Vulcan Blockchain?

Bryan Legend’s philosophy is that innovation is the key to success. It’s something he’s built his career on. By thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, he’s stayed ahead of emerging trends in the industry. Enter Vulcan Blockchain.

Vulcan Blockchain is a new Blockchain sitting in the very heart of Decentralized Finance which is designed to help investors unlock DeFi protocols. Vulcan has been described by Legend as a blockchain automatic revenue-sharing service, a term that he created in a series of recent tweets.

“The #DeFi space is changing rapidly to become more efficient and passive income oriented. Investors are looking to participate in sound protocols with underlying revenue-sharing strategies,” Legend tweeted.

“A #blockchain thrives from user adoption, on-chain volume, and an expanding ecosystem, so the evolution of merging DeFi mechanics with blockchain technology and automatically distributing revenue sharing with its users is a game changer never seen before in the industry,” he added.

“Blockchain Automatic Revenue Sharing (BARS) will usher in the new wave in DeFi. #VulcanBlockchain is the world’s first to implement this radical new approach.”

Bryan Legend believes that Vulcan Blockchain will fill a massive gap in the market as DeFi continues to undergo rapid transformations. According to the crypto pro, there’s a growing need for effective protocols that give investors more confidence, security, and independence from external influence and regulation. This is what motivated him to develop blockchain automatic revenue sharing, and it’s one of the core principles of the Vulcan Blockchain platform.

Legend believes that this increase in security in the DeFi market has become a necessity. This need, along with more demands for independence from external regulation, is what Legend says is driving the evolution of blockchain, and it’s what motivated him to develop BARS. 

The entrepreneur has come a long way since dropping out of school in the 10th grade and entering the work world rather than pursuing a university degree. After working several jobs, he decided he’d be far better off making his own way in life and decided to go into business. He tried and tested various business ideas before finding success in digital marketing, and he used the money made through this business as a way to launch into the then-emerging crypto space.

Today, he is one of the most notable crypto industry personalities. With a wide range of businesses under his belt, including Twilx, Vulcan, OOXY, and Clever, Legend is one of the biggest personalities in the industry. In 2022, Legend created Safuu, a DeFi protocol that enables users to invest in sustainable assets.

Changing How We Think About Finance

Under Bryan Legend’s leadership, Vulcan Blockchain has developed innovative DeFi solutions that are changing the way we think about finance. The platform makes it easier than ever for regular people to take control of their finances while also participating in the cryptocurrency revolution.

The platform compensates users for their commitment to it, making it different from any other platforms currently operating. Rewards are generated through a rewards network; this network is backed by fees that the validator charges for hashing network operations on the Vulcan Blockchain.

What this means is that users who auto-stake on the Vulcan platform are guaranteed to earn a passive income proportional to the amount at stake. Rewards are paid out to users in the platform’s native coin, VUL, which users can reinvest, sell, or trade for gVUL, a governance coin that includes platform governance voting rights.

While this has predictably attracted attention from authorities including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Bryan Legend’s BARS concept has addressed this challenge through its native auto-staking feature.

Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges

According to Bryan Legend, the Vulcan Blockchain platform is completely future-proofed. While many DeFi platforms suffer from bloating as new users enter the market, Legend has engineered a way to ensure that his platform doesn’t suffer this problem.

“Users of the ethereum chain have mostly moved over to Binance Smart Chain and other comparatively lower gas-cost chains that offer better performance. But Vulcan Blockchain offers even less gas costs when compared to Binance Smart Chain even though they are both [ethereum virtual machine] compatible on the surface. However, Vulcan Blockchain is the only one with BARS technology at its core, which incentivizes users to want to use Vulcan instead.”

Although the method behind this feature is a closely guarded secret, it’s known that it also eliminates third-party intervention for conducting transactions in its network, which has attracted several users and increased participation in the DeFi space.



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