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Decentralized P2P Funding Platform Fundrs Welcomes Its First Startup

AllianceBlock's Fundrs platform is heating up. With the help of Swiss Startup, it will be home to the DUA token. A significant move, as has over 5 million users. 

Fundrs Keeps Building Momentum

The Fundrs platform has been off to an impressive start since its launch in August 2022. The peer-to-peer funding platform runs on the Avalanche and Ethereum networks. But, more importantly, it is part of AllianceBlock's decentralized participatory economy vision. Providing a solution to enable fully decentralized peer-to-peer funding - where merit and reputation take center stage - is crucial to fulfilling that vision. 

Fundrs is based on blockchain technology and serves as a decentralized infrastructure stack. Additionally, it is home to blockchain startups and traditional companies that require funding. Rather than opting for VCs or other traditional investors, Fundrs helps these companies explore a broad audience of potential investors. Furthermore, Fundrs provides access to other financing types later in the investment cycle, including P2P lending and convertible loans. 

The decentralized approach to helping startups secure funding has now struck its first significant chord. The platform will be tapped by the dua Foundation, the entity responsible for It is the first project to list on Fundrs officially and will provide investors with exposure to the DUA utility token. The token is part of a broader plan to offer economic support for globally-fragmented communities. 

With over 5 million users,'s exploration of Fundrs marks a crucial milestone for AllianceBlock. The startup aims to tokenize its user base through cryptocurrency exposure and decentralized technology. In addition, the dua Foundation will use the DUA token and Web3 technology to bridge the gap with the globally-fragmented communities via and

DUA Is A Utility Token

Using Fundrs to invest in startups is very different from buying into an IDO or IEO. The tokens offered through Fundrs will have real-world utility rather than focusing on theoretical value. DUA is a critical component of the and ecosystem, focusing on connecting people with similar interests, traits, values, or languages. Chief Payments Officer Ardit Trikshiqi adds:

“The launch of the DUA token is an innovation for the matchmaking industry. DUA will enable 5 million users of and to engage in a participative virtual economy that offers a wide range of services and is growing exponentially every day and millions of individuals and businesses, part of globally fragmented communities that are not being supported by traditional financial providers such as banks or money transfer operators.”

The dua Foundation aims to leverage that tokenized experience to establish a reward system. As a result, users will receive rewards for their in-app activity and for building up their reputation. They can use the token to buy in-app subscriptions, whereas businesses can use DUA for advertising products and services. The dual-pronged approach to bringing utility to the asset has merit for companies and individuals. 



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