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Experts Share Top Crypto Alerts in 2024

Staying informed about market movements is crucial for making timely and profitable decisions. Given the inherent volatility of the market, traders require dependable tools to seamlessly access real-time updates and alerts. In this Traders Union (TU) article, analysts explored the best crypto alert providers in 2024.

Understanding crypto price alerts

In the cryptocurrency market, prices can swing dramatically within minutes, leading traders to turn to price alerts. A crypto price alert is a notification system that informs users when a specific virtual token reaches or approaches a predefined price level.

Accordingly, this real-time notification, delivered through various channels such as email, SMS, or mobile push notifications, allows users to act promptly without constantly monitoring multiple platforms.

In line with this, the primary objective of these tools is to enable traders to capitalize on market fluctuations by buying low and selling high. Users can strategically position themselves in the market by configuring an app to send alerts based on predetermined thresholds. Moreover, traders can gauge whether a cryptocurrency is overbought, signaling a potential sell-off, or undervalued, suggesting an opportune time to buy.

How to use crypto price alerts?

Setting up crypto alerts involves a straightforward process, depending on the chosen service or platform. Here are the general tips by Traders Union to understand how crypto alerts work.

  • Alert parameters: traders must begin by choosing a reliable trading platform that offers the desired alert types. It is also recommended to choose from common alert types like Price Alert, Volume Alert, News Alert, or Moving Average Alert. 

  • Monitoring tools: crypto alerts use monitoring tools that continuously track news feeds, markets, and other relevant sources. These instruments collect data from multiple exchanges, ensuring users receive accurate and real-time information.

  • Event detection: the core of any alert system lies in its event detection algorithm. When the system identifies a condition specified by the user, such as notable news, a sudden price spike, or a significant drop, it triggers an alert.

  • Notification delivery: alerts are delivered through various channels like SMS, email, mobile app notifications, or directly integrated trading platforms. Here, users can choose their preferred method for receinals-top-8-free-providers/besving notifications.

  • Action by user (sell or buy): upon receiving an alert, users can take immediate action. For example, in the case of a price drop, one might decide to buy the crypto at a lower price. Conversely, in the event of a price surge, a user might choose to sell for profit.

Remarkably, understanding how crypto alerts function provides traders with a proactive approach, allowing them to make timely decisions in the highly volatile cryptocurrency markets.

The best crypto alert providers

Cryptocurrency trading demands strategic tools, and among them, crypto price alert apps play an important role. Analysts have rounded out the notable contenders, each distinguished by its unique features tailored to cater to trader preferences.

  • ByBit is renowned for its seamless user experience and comprehensive trading options. Its responsive customer support and availability in over 160 countries make it a global choice. 

  • OKX stands out with its extensive asset selection and a suite of advanced trading tools. While its features may pose a learning curve for beginners, OKX prioritizes robust security measures, ensuring the safety of users' funds and personal information.

  • Binance, a crypto industry giant, offers an extensive range of cryptocurrencies and advanced trading tools, making it a go-to platform. With a trustworthy reputation and regulatory compliance, Binance is considered one of the most dependable exchanges.

  • provides a user-friendly interface and customizable alerts. While lacking an iOS app, it offers a straightforward platform for receiving price alerts, making it suitable for traders who prioritize ease of use.

  • Cryptocurrency Alerting sets itself apart with multiple notification channels and real-time monitoring across various exchanges. While it may seem technical for beginners, Cryptocurrency Alerting shines in offering detailed customization options.

As traders explore these options, the key lies in finding the app that best suits their individual needs and aligns with their trading strategies.

A closer look at Bitget

BitGet, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has garnered attention from traders worldwide. The platform also stands out as an exceptional choice among the best crypto alert providers. Here are the key features of BitGet noted by the latest Traders Union review.

  • User-friendly platform: BitGet provides a user-friendly trading platform accessible via both web terminal and mobile application, accommodating traders on the go.

  • Competitive commissions: with average market trading commissions, users can further reduce costs using bonus funds acquired through registration and initial trades.

  • No minimum deposit: BitGet imposes no minimum deposit requirements, offering flexibility for users.

  • Diverse investment programs: beyond standard trading, BitGet offers copy-trading services and an affiliate program for additional earning opportunities.

While the absence of fiat currency support and limited educational resources may be drawbacks, BitGet remains a popular exchange, actively expanding its services in the cryptocurrency market. For more info, read the comprehensive BitGet review by Traders Union.

Explore alternative platforms: Crypto App

The Crypto App emerges as another popular tool for cryptocurrency traders, with over 4.90 million downloads.

As mentioned here in the Odyssey Online article, grounded on TU analysis, Crypto is another application to track the latest price of more than 200 virtual currencies in the world in order to obtain opportunities through real-time market insights.

Consequently, the platform provides a versatile and user-friendly application, compatible with hundreds of exchanges. Its combination of real-time market data, news aggregation, and customizable features make it a valuable companion for managing digital assets.

  • Price alerts: set personalized price alerts for preferred currencies, enabling users to react promptly to market fluctuations.

  • Mobile wallet integration: carry cryptocurrency wallet on the mobile device, allowing for convenient access and management of digital assets.

  • Multicurrency support: the app supports tracking in various currencies, providing flexibility for users across different regions.

  • Technical analysis: utilize technical indicators and in-depth analysis charts for a comprehensive understanding of market trends.


Cryptocurrency alerts, a common feature on many exchanges, serve as notifications that inform traders when certain prices are reached. As of 2024, TU experts highlighted that BitGet is one of the best platforms for crypto alerts.

Correspondingly, the platform provides features to help traders stay informed and make smart decisions in the crypto market. However, just like with any financial platform, users should conduct thorough research before getting into cryptocurrency trading. 



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