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Excuse me but do you like garlic?

This year was marvelous for the crypto field, with a lot of blockchain projects getting into the spotlight.

It’s fair to say that the reason why people are so eager for it is that crypto finance is more enjoyable than fiat. At least, that’s what we like to believe. The truth, though, is a bit tougher.

Despite the fact that it provides freedom from banks and governments, it’s still the same old atmosphere. Daily chart analysis for trading, some staking options, and… that’s it. 

Fortunately, we can make our crypto experience much more entertaining with a little bit of garlic.


Meet Garlicoin

Garlicoin is a new memecoin, launched after no less than four years of development. The team wanted to release something that can change the overall feeling of investing in cryptocurrencies. And what better way to do that than by putting a smile on our faces?

With this idea in mind, the team got inspiration from the garlic bread memes and released a coin that can help owners have a good time while investing in crypto. 

Benefits of Garlicoin

Besides the fact that it is not prone to inflation, Garlicoin owners benefit from an impressive trading speed, with all the financial activities being completed instantly. 

The coin also comes with its own wallet, available on desktop and mobile. That way, you can easily manage your assets anywhere, anytime. 

But the top benefit is that Garlicoin brings back the feeling of joy from our childhood. How do they do that? By linking the coin with a retro video game - Garlic, an onion-headed hero who starts an adventure towards his goddess love. 

The game will be released on steam on 16 June 2021. This will give the players the possibility to earn up to $100 from monthly challenges. 

Where can you buy Garlicoin?

Due to its unique take over blockchain technology, Garlicoin got partnerships with some popular crypto exchanges:

  • Pancakeswap;
  • Tradeogre;
  • Crex24;
  • FreiExchange.

Since the coin got so much attention from crypto enthusiasts, its value increases considerably day after day. At the time of writing, it has recorded an increase of 18.5% compared with last week.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Garlicoin fresh and expect an amazing experience!



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