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This exchange has been flagged as inactive. There are many reasons for being flagged as inactive. We recommend you read the text below to understand why Negocie Coins has received the inactive flag.

Negocie Coins

Exchange Fees

BTC Withdrawal Fee 0.0005 Taker Fee 0.00% Maker Fee 0.00%

Deposit Methods

Yes Wire Transfer No Credit Card

UPDATE 30 March 2020: There has for a long time been scam accusations surrounding this exchange. The most widely reported one can be found here: The exchange is still up and running and we have decided to not yet mark it as "dead" in our database. We do however urge any interested users to be careful when dealing with this exchange.

UPDATE 27 December 2020: It is no longer possible to access this exchange. Accordingly, we have marked the exchange as a scam in our database and moved it to our Exchange Graveyard.

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Negocie Coins is one of the many Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges. It is registered with the company number CNPJ 20.692.244 / 0001-90, and has its main office in Alameda Doutor Carlos de Carvalho, 417, in Curitiba. The owner of this exchange is Grupo Bitcoin Banco (“GBB”). GBB also owns the exchange TEM BTC, in addition to Negocie Coins.

In our exchange list, we have a number of other Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges. The list includes – in addition to Negocie Coins – NovaDAX, BitcoinTrade, MercadoBitcoin, BitcoinToYou, Foxbit and FlowBTC.

Negocie Coins main ambitions are liquidity in all trades and quick and helpful support. Their core values are trust, innovation, transparency, technical pioneering, customer focus and engagement. As reasons to why you should choose this particular trading platform, they say that you will be able to buy bitcoins, sell bitcoins, and that it is secure with SSL encryption etc.

Negocie Coins Three Things

They also have one of the toughest logos the cryptocurrency world has ever seen. Look at it:

Lion Logo Negocie Coins


On the date of last updating this review (30 March 2020), neither Coinmarketcap nor Coingecko had any information on the 24 hour trading volume of this exchange. This is a big red flag.

Although US-investors are not explicitly prohibited from trading at Negocie Coins, the exchange has a trading model that still makes the exchange inaccessible to US-investors. It actually makes the exchange inaccessible to all investors other than Brazilians. This is because they only support trading against the local currency BRL (Brazilian Real). They don’t even support coin-to-coin trading (which can be argued to be the essence of cryptocurrency trading).

So if you are a non-Brazilian investor (or a Brazilian investor looking to trade coin-to-coin), you’ll have to reconsider your choice of trading venue and choose one of the other top crypto exchanges. Don’t be too sad though, there are many other venues that offer the type of trading this exchange does. Use our Exchange Finder to find out which alternatives you have.

Different exchanges have different trading views. And there is no “this overview is the best”-view. You should yourself determine which trading view that suits you the best. What the views normally have in common is that they all show the order book or at least part of the order book, a price chart of the chosen cryptocurrency and order history. They normally also have buy and sell-boxes. As we have not been able to open an account here, we have not been able to obtain a picture of the trading view either. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Here’s however a picture of the exchange’s order book and trade history:

Negocie Coins Order Book

We are not sure about the trading fees charged by this exchange. To our understanding, the exchange does not charge any fees for trading. However, instead of having trading fees they have painfully high deposit fees (see below). So, sure, trading fees are low, but they make up for it by the deposit fees.

Most exchanges charges deposit fees when you deposit via bank transfer or credit card. This is to cover the fees that the exchanges themselves normally have to pay to banks and credit card providers, so it makes sense. It is a firm market standard, however, to never charge any fees when the user wants to deposit cryptocurrencies. Negocie Coins, however, does not follow the market standard in this regard. They charge 1.70% for depositing Bitcoin. This is ridiculously expensive. Steer clear of this exchange!

Negocie Coins Deposit Fee

Negocie Coins charges a withdrawal fee amounting to 0.0005 when you withdraw BTC. This fee is below the industry average and thus constitutes an advantage against many other top crypto exchanges in the market.

This trading platform offers wire transfer as a deposit method, but you can’t deposit via credit card. This of course negative news to you if you would prefer to use your credit card for any reason. More importantly, however, is that this exchange does not support deposits of cryptocurrencies, which is quite unusual. So in order to start trading here, you need to deposit the fiat currency BRL.