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This exchange has been flagged as inactive. There are many reasons for being flagged as inactive. We recommend you read the text below to understand why CoinBene has received the inactive flag.


Exchange Fees

BTC Withdrawal Fee 0.000043 Taker Fee 0.20% Maker Fee 0.20%

Deposit Methods

No Wire Transfer No Credit Card

UPDATE 1 February 2022: When trying to access the website of Coinbene today, we were unsuccessful. There have been no preceding messages on system maintenance or new websites or anything similar.

Accordingly, we believe that this exchange has closed down and we have marked it as "dead" in our Exchange Graveyard. If the exchange's website would become accessible again and the error is just temporary, we will "revive" it and bring it back to our Exchange List.

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CoinBene is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore that has users coming from more than 200 countries worldwide. It has been active since 2017.

This exchange also has a mobile application. You can download it for free on AppStore or Google Play.

Coinbene Mobile Support

US-investors may not trade here. The reason for excluding US-investors are primarily regulatory reasons. The US-legal regime imposes obligations on many companies accepting funds from US-investors. Don’t be too sad though, there are other venues that offer the type of trading this exchange does. Use our Exchange Finder to find out which alternatives you have.

The below is a picture of CoinBene’s trading view. It follows a format that most cryptocurrency investors are used to with the diagram in the middle, and buy/sell-boxes low far right. The trading view seems intuitive to us, but you should always decide what suits you best based on your own personal preferences.

CoinBene Trading View

Most crypto exchanges charge two different types of trading fees: taker fees and maker fees. The taker is the person who picks up an existing order from the order book. The maker, on the other hand, is the person who creates an order that is not immediately matched against an existing order on the order book. Makers are often rewarded for creating liquidity on the platform by a lower trading fee than takers. Exchanges that do not make a distinction between takers and makers charge what we call “flat fees”. CoinBene charges 0.20% for both takers and makers.

According to the largest and most recent empirical study on crypto exchange trading fees, the average spot trading taker fee is currently 0.221% and the average spot trading maker fee is currently 0.178%.

Compared to those average trading fees, CoinBene's taker fees is below the industry average and maker fees is above the industry average.

CoinBene only charges the network fee when you make a withdrawal and does not charge anything on top of the network fees. This withdrawal fee model is also far below the industry average. Good job, CoinBene!

CoinBene does not accept any other deposit method than cryptocurrencies, so new crypto investors are actually restricted from trading at this exchange. If you don’t have any crypto but want to start trading here, you will first have to purchase cryptocurrencies from another exchange and then, as a second step, deposit them at CoinBene.

To find another exchange accepting purchases with fiat currency (regular money), just use our Exchange Finder. The rest is easy!