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Defexa Wallet Review

Defexa Wallet is a mobile-based wallet for secure storage and convenient management of your funds, directly on your smartphone. As a non-custodial wallet, Defexa does not keep your private keys, making you the sole owner of your funds. 

Defexa Wallet provides a distinctive blend of safety, convenience, and performance, as a comprehensive toolkit for storing, transferring, and managing crypto assets within just one App.

Defexa Wallet use cases vary from formal business procedures to everyday crypto activity. Defexa cleverly blends the maximum security of a non-custodial wallet, a user-friendly interface, and the high usability of a one-stop solution for the management and storage of crypto assets.

Defexa Wallet’s  Supported Coins

Along with the launch, Defexa Wallet supports the most popular cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, USDT, BNB, USDC, BUSD, DOGE, TRX, BCH, XRM, BTT, and more. For now, there are only 4 networks available on the Defexa App. Being a fresh solution on the market, Defexa is planning to expand the list of integrated blockchains and supported coins. 

Defexa Wallet UX

Despite a wide range of features, Defexa Wallet remains convenient and easy-to-use. While other non-custodial wallets may seem complicated for newcomers, Defexa combines a simple app interface with enhanced privacy and safety. Storing and managing assets is possible within a single app. All the features you need to manage your digital assets in one place are available on Defexa Wallet, including the ability to buy, sell, swap, and send cryptocurrency.

Bank-Level Safety

A great team of experienced developers fully conducts the Defexa App implementation process. AppSec enhances the safety level of the Defexa app.   

Like every non-custodial wallet, Defexa Wallet neither owns nor passes your funds to a third-party custodian. You are the only owner of your assets.  

Make sure you keep your seed phrase safe and set up a PIN to boost the security of your Defexa Wallet Account. 

Defexa Wallet App

Defexa Wallet is suitable for both experienced traders and newcomers. You can kickstart your crypto journey with Defexa in 4 easy steps right now:

  1. Get the App at

  2. Sign Up

  3. Get your secret phrase and never share it with anyone!

  4. Set up a PIN, and that’s it! 

Get the best of security, convenience and compatibility with our non-custodial wallet with built-in fiat and invoice solutions! 

Defexa Wallet App is absolutely free and available for Android and IOS users. 

Currently, the Defexa Wallet team is working on more helpful features and useful products, like Crypto Signals, AML regulation, and the Defexa Bank Card. Meanwhile, the project already simplifies the crypto experience with a ready-(and easy!)-to-use Wallet. 

Defexa Wallet Welcome Bonus

By the way, joining Defexa Wallet is not just simple, but pleasant! Defexa Wallet is giving away bonuses to new users to celebrate the launch of their App. With the Defexa Wallet's arrival on the market, crypto traders are given the opportunity of safe storage and seamless management of their funds. 

To boost your entry into our brand-new App, Defexa Wallet provides newcomers with a welcome bonus! The first 50 users will participate in a $750 Reward Pool. 

Join Defexa Wallet in this celebration! 

Complete the Gleam task, explore the brand-new Defexa App, and get your welcome perks: 

Get the all-in-one App for managing your Crypto now - 



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