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Cryptocurrency Influence in the Future of eSports

Cryptocurrency is gradually stepping out of the dark graffitied alleyway and becoming recognised as a respectable financial system challenging the status quo. As more people begin to recognise its value and start using cryptocurrencies, it generates a wider application. Now people can use bitcoin to buy buckets of chicken from KFC in Canada and pay for their summer holidays with it. However, there is another industry which may be an even better match for cryptocurrency – eSports.

eSports has taken off around the world and gave competitive gaming celebrity status. Packed out eSports arenas, TV channels dedicated to eSports and substantial cash prizes have revolutionised what it means to be a gamer. So, how does cryptocurrency fit into the battlefield?

Professional Gambling

Sports betting is being enhanced with the growth of eSports. It brings a whole new sport betting market to the table with fans betting on their favourite gamers to trump the rest in big tournaments. Cryptocurrencies may be the most favoured way of betting on the action, especially for in-play betting. At current, some gambling companies do accept Bitcoin to gamble, but it can depend on location and other factors.

For one, the demographics of people who enjoy gaming are likely to overlap with those that are into tech and crypto, many may even already own and use it. On top of that, the benefits of crypto gambling such as speed of transaction will be able to match the speed of gaming. These are some of many reasons why crypto betting will fit with eSports betting.

Crypto eSports Fantasy League

Thousands of people draft their favourite players from different teams to score points and do battle against other fantasy teams. This usually involves paying an entrance fee with the top performers taking the bulk of the money.

eSports has not yet rolled out this sort of game between fans as often as other sports have. If they do, cryptocurrency could make it bigger and better. Ease of payments and borderless transactions will enable an eSports fantasy league running across different countries on a global scale with huge prizes to be won.

All that will be needed is one of the best crypto wallets!

Head-to-Head Betting

Gamers may not always want to back the best gamers around but rather back themselves to try and win cash – or maybe crypto. This may be possible with the right platform and a method of wagering crypto before taking on another eSports gamer.

If you have some talent and a wallet, you could start earning an income. Simply by playing at home against other gamers.

Finally, most of what crypto can achieve in eSports gaming is not new. But, rather building on what has been done in other sports. Taking the approach that gaming is now a sport will open doors for how the industry can progress.



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