Cookie Policy


We use information from cookies in order to make or website more user friendly. We can also use certain authorized third parties to, in our place, put cookies on our website in order to deliver services from them.

We use permanent cookies in several ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Enabling you to move between places at our website and bring information to such places, without having to enter such information more than once;
  • Making it easier for us to adjust our website so that you recognize the website from one of your previous visits;
  • Enabling us to establish in our relation with cryptocurrency exchanges/trading platforms, cryptocurrency casinos and other similar third party that you have been referred to such party through our website;
  • Giving you access to stored information; and
  • Making certain that we will not ask you to fill out the same questionnaires multiple times.

We (and our authorized third parties) may come to use non-personal information from both permanent cookies and temporary cookies for statistical purposes, such as:

  • Evaluating the website’s contents and functions;
  • Monitoring the usage of our website (frequency and time);
  • To perform surveys so that your interaction with our website and with us can be improved.


We use the following cookies in the following manner:

  • viewed_cookie_policy (permanent) – is used in order to confirm that you have received information on our usage of cookies;


We use a number of third party cookies as a part of our service. These cookies are regulated by the respective websites from which they derive and we do not control them. We have listed the third party cookies we use below. Certain of these cookies can be turned off in your browser settings while others can only be turned off at the respective third parties’ respective websites, in accordance with the instructions given at such websites. Our third parties can also use additional cookies over which we have no control.

  • Google Analytics – is used as an analysis tool. For further information about this third party cookie, please visit: In order to turn off such third party cookie, please see:
  • Google Optimize – is used to create different versions of the website in order to see which website performs most according to our preferences. For more information, please see:
  • Cloudflare Cookie – is used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis.


You can choose yourself whether you want to accept receiving cookies or not. If you want to know when your computer receives a cookies, you can set your browser settings so that you are notified thereof. In such way, you will have the opportunity to choose whether you shall accept or reject a cookie. Your computer can also be set to reject all cookies. Visit if you want to know how to make this setting. Please be aware that changes in your browser meaning that the cookie-function is disabled will prevent certain parts of our website from functioning correctly.