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Coins To Buy for the Next Crypto Bull Run

The crypto market experienced an amazing bull run in 2020 up to the first quarter of 2021. In fact, we can see that Bitcoin has started the bull market phase in the crypto market and generated newfound interest in both institutional and retail investors in cryptocurrencies. Consequently, the demand for crypto fuelled the bullish cycle, and many new cryptocurrencies emerged on the market. Today we are bracing ourselves for another bull run, and here we will cover the cryptocurrencies that are worth buying during the next bull market phase.

Coins To Buy for the Next Crypto Bull Run

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a new crypto project that will revolutionize the entire lottery sector through the use of decentralized blockchain technology. As we know, blockchain technology is associated with enhanced security, transparency, and anonymity of the users.

It means the outcomes will be generated randomly due to the integration of smart contacts, and it's unnecessary for an official governing body to control the operations in this sector. 

Given its advantages, this cryptocurrency has a lot of potential for its value to surge in the next bull market phase. Namely, it's a low-cost cryptocurrency that's just been released in the crypto market; it's part of a popular sector (32.5% of Lucky Block's supply has been sold in its prelaunch) and a limited market cap of 100 billion tokens. If you want to learn more before you make your decision, make sure to visit Lucky Block's website, which offers in-depth information.


Fantom is powered by a BFT Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism which ensures the transactions are processed instantly and safely on the blockchain network. 

Moreover, Fantom's blockchain network's main purpose is to provide a safe environment for the development of decentralized applications  and other digital assets. Another advantage is that it has a restricted supply of d 3.175 billion tokens, while the blockchain ecosystem handles over $12 billion of assets. This makes it the third-largest blockchain system after Bitcoin, and it's a great achievement for a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2019.


The main goal of Ripple developers was to create a safe, decentralized exchange platform that would become a solid alternative to SWIFT. Based on its success so far, we will say that they are on the right path. Ripple cryptocurrency XRP is utilized by many major clients, including financial institutions and banks.

The transactions are processed within seconds on the payment network with minimal fees, which only boosts its growth. What's more, it's the seventh-largest cryptocurrency on the market, and its market cap has grown to $34.374 billion. It's also worth mentioning that it's available on most crypto exchange platforms, including major trading sites. 


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was ever created in 2009, and since then, it has become synonymous with the crypto market. The latest bull cycle had an impact on almost every cryptocurrency on the market and it's very likely that Bitcoin's price will rise again with the next bull cycle. 

Bitcoin is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency, albeit volatile it is known for its huge money-making potential. More specifically, Bitcoin's bull cycle is tied to its halving event that is programmed to happen every four years, and we expect it to take place in 2024. Also, many of Bitcoins attributes elevated cryptocurrencies as a great investment. Actually, some experts believe that it will hit a price of $406,400 by 2030.


In conclusion, the bull market phase of the crypto market emphasized the advantages of investing in crypto as they hold a huge potential to generate profit in a short period of time. The blockchain network is peer-to-peer based and decentralized; therefore, it's not controlled and impacted by external forces. This is a great advantage that isn't associated with other assets, which is why cryptocurrencies are in many ways a good investment, particularly for the high-risk 20-30% aspect of the crypto portfolio.



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