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Dinari Integrates Chainlink CCIP To Power Cross-Chain Transfers of Yield-Bearing Stablecoin

Chainlink announced via X on Friday that Dinari has integrated Chainlink CCIP across the Arbitrum One and Ethereum mainnets.

 Hassan Maishera

Chainlink CCIP Now Supports the Cross-chain Transfer of Native ETH

Chainlink announced via X on Thursday that Chainlink CCIP now supports the cross-chain transfer of native ETH, starting with support for Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism.

 Hassan Maishera

Chainlink Introduces Transporter: A Hyper-Secure Bridging App

Chainlink announced via a blog post on Thursday that it has launched Transporter: A hyper-secure and intuitive app for bridging tokens and messages with complete peace of mind, powered by Chainlink CCIP.

 Hassan Maishera


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