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Fees & Limits

Issuance Fee €9.99 ATM Fee €2.00 Spend Fee N/A Monthly Fee N/A Minimum Deposit €10.00

Funding Methods

Yes Wire Transfer Yes Debit Card Yes Credit Card Yes Paypal No Gift Card Yes Cash

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Introducing KuCard, the latest groundbreaking innovation from KuCoin, a key player in the cryptocurrency exchange realm. In a strategic move to bridge the gap between digital assets and traditional banking, KuCard emerges as a game-changer, streamlining the use of cryptocurrency in everyday transactions. This heralds a new era, enabling users to effortlessly integrate their digital assets into routine purchases and signaling a revolutionary shift in the realm of crypto usability.

The worldwide acceptance of KuCard is facilitated by VISA, a leading payment network recognized and utilized across major global payment platforms. This presents a notable advantage, considering that both VISA and Mastercard are widely acknowledged as the most accepted cards globally.

KuCard not only expands spending horizons but also widens the spectrum of supported cryptocurrencies. Initially embracing USDT and EUR, KuCard has plans to incorporate a broader array in the future, granting users the flexibility to utilize their preferred cryptocurrency.

Innovative features encompass a cashback program, enabling users to accumulate cryptocurrency with each transaction. Johnny Lyu, the CEO of KuCoin, underscores the profound impact of KuCard on the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. He articulates, "The introduction of KuCard marks a significant achievement for both KuCoin and the cryptocurrency industry at large. Serving as a daily payment method, the crypto debit card plays a pivotal role in expediting the mass adoption of crypto."

Below is an image of the card. Unlike other brands, KuCard maintains a singular version, diverging from the practice of offering varying bonuses and loyalty rewards based on the card users' activity levels and deposited amounts.

Each time you utilize your KuCard, it's not just about making a purchase; it's an opportunity to both spend and earn simultaneously. Dive into a realm of thrilling cashbacks, enticing discounts, and additional perks, all while accumulating cryptocurrencies with every transaction. This unique feature transforms every financial interaction into a rewarding experience, enhancing the value of your everyday spending habits. Embrace a seamless fusion of spending and earning, turning routine transactions into a source of continuous benefits and financial empowerment.

KuCoin is dedicated to offering transparent and competitive fees for our KuCard users, emphasizing affordability and clarity throughout the user experience.

Issuance Fee for New KuCard: A one-time fee of €9.99 is levied upon the issuance of a new KuCard. This fee covers the expenses associated with creating and activating the card.

Replacement Fee for KuCard: Should the need for a replacement card arise due to circumstances like loss or damage, a replacement fee of €9.99 is applicable. This fee covers the issuance of a new card to replace the old one. 

No Charge for Card Cancellation: Users have the flexibility to cancel their KuCard at any time without incurring any fees. This policy is designed to provide convenience and adaptability to our users.

Zero Fees for Euro Transactions: Transactions conducted in euros do not incur any transaction fees for the cardholder. This feature is particularly advantageous for users within the Eurozone.

Foreign Transaction Fee Outside Europe: For transactions conducted in currencies other than the euro, specifically outside of Europe, a fee of 2% of the total transaction value is applied. This fee accounts for the costs associated with currency conversion and cross-border processing.

Cash Withdrawal Fee in Euros within Europe: Withdrawals made in euros within Europe carry a fee of €1.50 per transaction. This fee is applicable to accessing cash services at ATMs or banks.

Cash Withdrawal Fee in Foreign Currency Outside Europe: For withdrawals in a currency other than euros outside Europe, a fee of 2% of the withdrawal amount is imposed. This fee covers the additional costs related to international currency conversion.

No Fee for Insufficient Funds: Should a transaction be declined due to insufficient funds in the account, no fee is charged to the cardholder. This policy ensures fairness and transparency in financial transactions.

Express Delivery Fee for KuCard: Opting for express delivery of the KuCard incurs a charge of €30.00. This fee is associated with expedited shipping services.

Annual Maintenance Fee: An annual fee of €10 is assessed for each KuCard. This fee covers the ongoing maintenance and operational costs associated with managing the KuCard services.

Furthermore, KuCard seamlessly integrates with Apple Pay and Google Pay, facilitating contactless payments through your smartphone. This integration not only enhances convenience but also elevates the security measures for your transactions.

Looking ahead, KuCard plans to evolve by supporting a broader range of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This expansion aims for a more inclusive financial platform, accommodating diverse user preferences globally. KuCard strives to lead the transformation of crypto payments, envisioning a future where financial transactions, whether crypto or fiat, are seamless and accessible to all. As a critical step in this journey, KuCard breaks down barriers and opens up new personal and business finance possibilities.