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Issuance Fee 0 ATM Fee 0% up to 200EUR (then 1%) Spend Fee N/A Monthly Fee N/A Minimum Deposit N/A

Funding Methods

Yes Wire Transfer Yes Debit Card No Credit Card No Paypal No Gift Card Yes Cash

Cryptos (2) is a leading global crypto exchange offering efficient trading systems, instant deposit/withdrawals, and low fees. Operating for over 10 years, it strictly follows regulations to prevent market manipulation and provides access to over 1400 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. has recently introduced a new debit card, allowing users to seamlessly spend their digital assets like traditional currency. offers an extensive range of cryptocurrencies, with access to around 1,400 different digital assets. This remarkable selection enables customers to explore and trade in nearly any cryptocurrency of their interest. Among the top cryptocurrencies listed on the platform are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Dogecoin (DOGE), Elrond Egold (EGLD), Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC). While provides a comprehensive list of available cryptocurrencies, it's important to note that some lesser-known coins may have low trading volumes. Nonetheless, this unique exchange offers traders the opportunity to delve into a diverse array of digital assets, catering to various investment preferences. For those that want to see the complete list of available cryptocurrencies at, click here.

The following is a picture of the Zeply Card (the latest we have obtained): debit card holders will enjoy a lucrative 1% daily cashback reward on all their purchases made throughout the year. This ongoing cashback incentive not only adds up to substantial savings but also encourages the seamless integration of digital assets into everyday transactions.

But employs a straightforward "flat fee model" for its trading fees, eliminating the distinction between taker and maker fees commonly found on other exchanges., like many other top-tier online crypto providers, offers a comprehensive Earn program, enabling customers to earn free digital assets by holding their funds with the platform. The Earn options are categorized into three main segments, providing a diverse range of opportunities:

  • Lend & Earn: Earn rewards by lending your assets
  • HODL & Earn: Earn rewards for holding your assets
  • Structured Products: Participate in structured investment products
  • Auto-Investment: Automated investment strategies
  • Crypto Lending: Lend your assets and earn interest
  • Crypto Loan: Access loans by using your digital assets as collateral
  • Margin Borrowing: Borrow funds to increase your trading exposure
  • Liquidity Mining: Earn rewards by providing liquidity to trading pairs
  • Lending & Single-Asset Vault: Earn interest by lending your assets
  • Cloud Mining: Earn rewards by contributing to mining power
  • Slot Auctions: Bid for mining slots and earn rewards

It's important to note that the risk involved in each Earn product may vary based on the average yield percentage displayed. We advise thoroughly reading about these products and their associated risks before committing your funds.

In addition to the 1% daily cashback, the debit card offers several other compelling advantages. As part of the Visa membership network, cardholders can enjoy seamless "Overseas Consumption," enabling quick and easy purchases while traveling abroad. Furthermore, the card supports "Contactless Payment" technology, allowing for secure and convenient contactless transactions, as well as integration with digital wallets like Google Pay, streamlining the payment experience in today's fast-paced world.

The Debit Card VIP program offers a range of enticing benefits for active users. With 16 levels of membership, your transaction volume determines the level you attain, unlocking discounts on transaction fees of up to an impressive 100%. Additionally, VIP members enjoy discounted interest rates, further enhancing the value proposition.

To qualify for a VIP upgrade, users must meet specific criteria within a 30-day trading volume threshold. Once achieved, the upgraded status remains non-downgraded for 60 days, providing a grace period to maintain the benefits. Alternatively, holding a sufficient amount of GT tokens can also secure a VIP upgrade, with the added assurance that the level will not be relegated if the holding requirements are subsequently not met.

Furthermore, if the account asset value meets the required threshold, a VIP upgrade is granted, and the level will be maintained even if the asset value fluctuates below the requirement. The VIP system is dynamically updated every 24 hours, providing users with the opportunity to upgrade their status by meeting the necessary criteria.

This multi-faceted VIP program not only incentivizes trading activity but also rewards loyal users with substantial fee discounts, preferential interest rates, and the flexibility to maintain their VIP status through various avenues, ultimately enhancing the overall trading experience on the platform.

If the cryptocurrency debit card aligns with your needs, seize the opportunity by signing up and creating an account NOW to secure your place in line for a card.

However, if this particular debit card doesn't resonate with your preferences, explore our comprehensive debit card list, where you can find alternative cryptocurrency debit card options.