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B2Core's iOS v1.20 Raises The Bar For Mobile Trading With cTrader Integration

B2Core continues its pursuit of innovation and excellence with the release of Version 1.20 of its iOS app. This update marks a significant milestone as it seamlessly integrates with cTrader, the platform that has established itself as the benchmark for forex and CFD trading. Let's dive deep into this groundbreaking collaboration and discover how it raises the bar for mobile trading. 

The Role of cTrader

cTrader is widely regarded as the best multi-asset CFD and FX trading platform due to its user-friendly interface, powerful charting capabilities, and instantaneous order execution. Because of these features, it has become the go-to platform for traders of all skill levels. 

Not only is cTrader user-friendly, but it is also globally renowned for its comprehensive feature set that accommodates the varied requirements of traders. Notable features include copy trading, algorithmic trading capabilities, and comprehensive access to market data. Yet, what truly sets cTrader apart is its unwavering commitment to transparency and a trader-centric approach. This commitment guarantees that users are equipped with all the necessary resources and up-to-date data to make informed decisions in the dynamic arena of trading. 

The Effect of cTrader Integration for B2Core App Users 

The integration of cTrader into the B2Core app ecosystem brings several key advantages for users: 

Streamlined Trading Experience

Fusing cTrader's advanced trading features with B2Core's robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies creates a seamless trading experience for iOS app users. They can initiate, monitor, and finalise trades directly within the B2Core platform, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. Additionally, the market depth function equips traders with detailed insights into market behaviours, facilitating well-informed decision-making through real-time charts. 

Real-time Profit and Loss Insights

Users now have access to real-time Profit and Loss (P&L) information, allowing them to continuously assess the impact of their decisions on their P&L. This, coupled with the ability to review graphs and instrument groupings, empowers traders with accurate data for timely decision-making. 

Effortless Account Management

Managing trading accounts is now simpler than ever. Users can swiftly deposit funds into their accounts, ensuring they are always prepared to seize market opportunities. The integration simplifies other account management tasks, such as reviewing order history and accessing trading session schedules. 

Enhanced Trading Possibilities

In addition to traditional forex offerings, users gain access to CFD asset class trading, broadening their range of trading options to include commodities, indices, and stocks. This integration is complemented by B2Broker's extensive liquidity solutions, offering liquidity for over 1000 instruments across Advanced and Enterprise levels. 

Additional Updates

While the integration with cTrader takes centre stage in this update, B2Core has not overlooked other areas of its platform: 

  1. The "trading pairs" widget has been updated, streamlining the design for efficient trading pair selection and execution. 

  2. The app now displays currency limits for deposits and withdrawals, enhancing transparency in financial transactions. 

  3. The MT4 interface has been refined, particularly in calendar date interactions and the setting of the "FROM" date on the MT4/5 terminal. 

  4. Ticket statuses within the Helpdesk have been improved, ensuring a consistent and accurate tracking of support tickets, streamlining user interactions and timely resolutions. 


To conclude, incorporating cTrader inside the B2Core app represents a commitment to provide an unrivalled trading experience. This robust upgrade establishes new benchmarks in the industry, demonstrating B2Core's dedication to innovation and quality. 


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