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5 Big Cryptos Still Worth Buying

The Crypto Winter is officially over, and now it is time to consider which cryptocurrencies to buy in the wake of the next advance in price. If you are still doubtful, consider reading this list of 5 Big Cryptos that might fatten your investment portfolio.


The first of the 5 big cryptos we will discuss in this post is the biggest of them all: Bitcoin. Every self-respecting crypto investor has Bitcoin in his investment portfolio. Bitcoin is the patriarch of all cryptocurrencies. It appears that the cryptocurrency market has finally passed the phase of the so-called Crypto Winter, which lingered since January 2018, and girded itself for a bull run. In any case, many believe that Bitcoin has the potential to reach the all-time maximum even by the end of this year, so don’t hesitate to buy some BTC before it’s too late.


LTC, the offspring of Bitcoin, is another top cryptocurrency that had already displayed incredible gains since the turn of the year, having risen in value by more than 300%. The approaching halving (the twofold reduction of block reward), which is scheduled to occur somewhere around August, should have an immense impact on the price of LTC. After the previous such event, which happened in 2015, the price of Litecoin grew by 100% in a short period of time. One wouldn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that LTC is very likely to bring huge profits in the coming months.

Binance Coin

BNB was the ultimate hit of this year’s crypto market. During this year, the native coin of the famous Binance crypto exchange has been steadily advancing in price. Almost like it is on steroids. As of the time of writing, BNB has crushed the ceiling of $31/coin. It is even displaying the tendency of moving upwards when the rest of the market is in downfall. The Binance team is working relentlessly this year to further broaden its ecosystem. For instance, they launched a decentralized crypto exchange Binance DEX. Binance DEX operates on a separate blockchain. The exchange has also introduced Binance Launchpad, a platform where startups can sell their tokens. Finally, they have also added the option for margin trading on the original exchange. Accompanied by the vehement marketing campaigns, these could be the reasons why BNB will surge even higher, so make sure to have some in your portfolio.


From a technological standpoint, many say that EOS is superior to both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is because it is incredibly scalable. EOS can handle up to a million transactions per second. Furthermore, it operates on a no-fee basis and allows for the seamless creation of decentralized applications. It currently occupies the 6th spot on Coinmarketcap, with the price fluctuations within the range of $7. It looks set to reach and exceed its all-time high of $18 if the bull run continues.


The last one of the 5 big cryptos that might still be worth byuing, is Tron. It was developed specifically for the gambling and gaming industries. It has a very efficient network. The number of transactions on the Tron blockchain has already surpassed that of Bitcoin. Tron is highly scalable with a more reliable network structure. Most importantly, Tron allows for the development of absolutely transparent gambling products which will certainly disrupt the industry. The price of TRX will continue to rise in the future as more and more all-crypto online gambling platforms emerge, prominent among which is 1xBit.

1xBit is a fully crypto-oriented sportsbook and online casino that accepts TRX among more than 21 cryptocurrencies. It fully adheres to the principles of anonymity by offering a one-click registration, and showers players with offers, bonuses, and promos, such as a welcome package up to 7 BTC.



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