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Web 3 Startup, Serenity Shield Releases The  MVP Of StrongBox Providing Secure Access For Sensitive Data

The startup releases the MVP of the StrongBox, which is available for testing for the Beta version, allowing users to secure access to their digital wallets and secure any sensitive information. 

Serenity Shield, a Web 3 startup building innovative solutions in private key recovery and securing sensitive information, has launched the minimum viable product (MVP) of the StrongBox, a secure platform designed to protect access to users’ digital wallets. The platform offers users enhanced security and privacy solutions for wallets, sensitive information, and any kind of confidential data they hold. The MVP is available for testing on their website with the market-wide product expected to launch in the coming months offering a full set of features and tools, the team statement reads.

The product will provide enhanced private key recovery solutions as digital assets and tokenization goes global,  Rodolphe Seynat, Co-founder of Serenity Shield said on StrongBox’s MVP launch. 

“We’re glad to be finally launching what we’ve worked so hard on. our objective was simple: ensure all new and existing digital asset owners have access to an affordable, easy-to-use, and pioneering utility tool,” he added. “Our architecture is unique and leverages the best tech out there today.”

Launched in 2021, Serenity Shield is building a solution to boost privacy and security in the Web 3 space. The platform provides users secure access to digital wallets and innovative private key recovery solutions to allow them to protect any kind of sensitive information. The protocol provides a foolproof and non-custodial method to secure this kind of data allowing users to keep their digital information private and secure. In the digital asset scene, users can recover seed phrases based on personal data allowing them to make provisions on their assets and leave them as an inheritance in cases of unexpected death. 

The StrongBox MVP  introduces a cross-chain mechanism to provide a trustless way for users to secure access to their digital wallets, allowing them to protect their data, sensitive information, and recovery phrases. As the name sounds, it is a “strong” and non-custodial safety box that stores, preserves, and restores their data in case of loss of access to their sensitive information. This can be anything from wallet access and digital assets to highly confidential information and other related documents. 

“Our architecture is unique and leverages the best tech out there today, including Secret Network and Solana,” Seynat added. “We think we’ve done a good job hiding this complexity from the average user, who can just set up a wallet and know that if anything happens, their loved ones won’t be left in a tough spot” 

The StrongBox MVP will also offer multiple provisions for different user situations. The user is guided on Serenity Shield to create his StrongBox® using Metamask, Phantom wallet or any other non-custodial wallet from popular chains. The UI has been carefully designed to offer a straightforward registration and set-up path, from A to Z. Notwithstanding, StrongBox, while based on Solana, gives users a multichain offering allowing them to connect to all wallets, blockchains, decentralized applications, and centralized exchanges. The StrongBox MVP is currently live and available for testing, users can register here [ [email protected]]. 

Built for retail and institutional investors, the platform is planning on expanding its market base and value propositions in the near future. According to the team, the platform is aiming for a private sale and then an initial coin offering (ICO) in the coming months following the launch of its main version. This aims to give Serenity a foothold in the Web 3 space, given the ICO will be launched once the product is already working in the real world. 


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