Engines of Fury (FURY) Debuts on KuCoin: A New Chapter for Crypto Gaming

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KuCoin, a top cryptocurrency exchange, is happy to share news about adding the innovative new project Engines of Fury (FURY) to its Spot trading platform.

KuCoin, a top cryptocurrency exchange, is happy to share news about adding the innovative new project Engines of Fury (FURY) to its Spot trading platform. This upcoming listing has attracted much attention from both gaming and crypto enthusiasts.

From now on, users have the ability to put their FURY tokens into the system using the BSC-BEP20 network. The beginning of trade is at 11:00 UTC on May 15, 2024 and it will be for the trading pair FURY/USDT. Withdrawals will be enabled from 11:00 UTC on May 16, 2024.

KuCoin, which started in 2017, is an international platform for trading cryptocurrencies where people can trade, invest and stake different digital currencies. It has become well-known fast in the world of cryptocurrency and now serves millions of customers from more than 200 countries. Read more in our full KuCoin review.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a game you can play for free. It's like an overhead view shooting game in a world after big destruction, mixing careful planning from role-playing with intense parts where you must take resources out safely. This game works with one token that becomes less over time, named $FURY, and uses NFTs to make the playing experience better. Gamers can participate in teamwork fights or player versus player and environment combats, search for treasures, make things, and plan the growth of their characters and safe places. This mix makes the game very gripping to play.

The game has a strong team of developers who have worked on well-known web3 projects and at top-level gaming companies like Blizzard, Activision, Ubisoft, and Unity.

Celebration Campaign: $58,000 in FURY Up for Grabs

To mark Engines of Fury's addition to KuCoin, we will start different promotional events. These offer a total of $58,000 in FURY tokens as prizes for users who join in.


  1. FURY Trading Competition: Traders can compete to share $30,000 in FURY.

  2. Welcome to KuCoin: New users have a chance to share $12,000 in FURY.

  3. Special Event for Affiliates: Members can get prizes from a prize pool of $6,000 FURY and receive extra rewards when they introduce new users.

  4. Operate a FURY trading robot: Individuals who use the FURY trade bot stand a chance to gain part of $8,000 in FURY rewards.

  5. There will be an AMA meeting, and you can win part of the $2,000 FURY prize money.

KuCoin adding Engines of Fury is a big step for both the platform and the crypto gaming field. This new game aims to give players and traders an engaging and beneficial experience.

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