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DCENTRAL Miami Signs MarketAcross as Global Marketing Partner

DCENTRAL Miami Signs MarketAcross as Global Marketing Partner

The Web3 conference DCENTRAL has announced Tel-Aviv-based PR and marketing firm MarketAcross as its Global Marketing Partner for its 2022 edition. The event takes place in Miami from Nov. 28 to Nov. 29, 2022. 

DCENTRAL 2022 promises to be even bigger than last year's event, which hosted more than 5,000 attendees. Given that the 2021 edition was held almost exactly a year ago — when the ETH price was around $4,600 — it will be interesting to see how much the ongoing bear market has dampened enthusiasm for one of Web's flagship conferences.   

MarketAcross becomes DCENTRAL's Global Marketing Partner

DCENTRAL has just announced MarketAcross as its Global Marketing Partner. A press release detailing the partnership states that MarketAcross will handle the conference's marketing and public relations efforts both before and after its 2022 edition. 

This year's edition of the conference will take place on Nov. 28 and 29 at the James L Knight Center in the heart of downtown Miami. It will be DCENTRAL's second edition following its successful debut in 2021. Behind the conference are organizers of the established DeFi Summit conference and NFTCON. DCENTRAL is a fusion of the two events. 

DCENTRAL 2022 will feature more than 300 speakers from a range of niches, including NFTs, blockchain infrastructure, media, sports, DAOs, GameFi and DeFi. Each sector has its own stage, with general Web3 speakers appearing on the Web3 Mainstage; DeFi, DAOs, DEXs and more on the Decentralized Stage; NFTs, GameFi and Metaverse on the NFTCON Stage; and the Web3 Women Stage providing a platform for underrepresented demographics. 

Like last year, DCENTRAL's 2022 edition will also feature workshops, hands-on product demonstrations, interactive art displays and networking opportunities, and showcase the latest and greatest achievements from the worlds of DeFi and Web3. No doubt, there will be plenty of afterparties, too — Miami, of course, being infamous for its nightlife.  

If you book them, they will come?

Last year's DCENTRAL was held during Miami Art Week at the Miami Airport Convention Center around two weeks after the absolute top for most crypto assets. The event saw more than 5,000 attendees show up, making it the largest-ever crypto and Web3 conference. The speaker lineup featured representatives from projects like Gala Games, The Sandbox, VaynerNFT and The Graph. 

This year's lineup is perhaps even stronger with representatives of Polygon, Probably Nothing Talent and Morgan Creek Digital — alongside NBA stars like Baron Davis — among the long list of presenters. However, there is considerably less mainstream attention on the industry this year thanks to the ongoing bear market. During DCENTRAL 2021, the ETH and BTC prices were $4,600 and $57,000, respectively. Comparatively, the space's flagship assets are 65% and 70% lower at the time of writing. 

Despite the unfavorable price action, DCENTRAL is preparing for an even bigger event this year. The conference has secured twice the venue space and tickets are still available via its website



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