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Best Crypto Casinos And Top Bitcoin Casino Sites Of 2022

A Bitcoin casino is an enjoyable pastime if you happen to be a crypto investor while also having a knack for gambling with Bitcoins. A surprising number of people fit into this category, which explains why such casinos cater to millions of users in total. It also tells us that such establishments have a lot to offer in the way of user-friendly features and so forth.

A crypto casino typically offers a very similar experience to a regular online casino, except it runs on cryptocurrencies and offers some crypto-exclusive features. The problem is that there are now so many “best Bitcoin gambling sites” that you don’t rightly know which one to pick. Hopefully, this tutorial will help you make this decision.

2022's Best Bitcoin & Crypto Casinos Online In USA

  1. Tower.Bet – overall the best Bitcoin casino
  2. DuckDice – excellent choice for casual and dice gamblers
  3. BitStarz – an outstanding online casino that accepts crypto
  4. Mbit Casino – wonderful crypto casino with lots of games and promos
  5. Ignition Casino – the best choice for crypto poker gambling

TOWER.BET - Overall the best Bitcoin casino

There are many crypto gambling sites that are more popular than Tower.Bet, but it still has several valuable advantages that many of its competitors don’t. 

At its baseline, Tower.Bet is a transparent, trustworthy provider of crypto gambling services with several game genres that are popular with crypto gamblers. Unlike many other Bitcoin gambling sites, it’s not just an online casino that accepts cryptocurrencies. It actually has a lot of unique mechanics, features, and games that crypto enthusiasts enjoy.

For starters, there are only six games. Of these, just one is a mainstream casino game, the Elf Quest slots. The other five are less prominent varieties, such as hi-lo, dice, and crash. They also have the unique (or at least extremely niche) games of cogwheel and wheel.


What they all have in common is the aesthetic. They were developed or sponsored by Tower.Bet. Because of that, they all have the same cartoony look and a consistent appearance with the rest of the website design. The sound and visual effects also feel appropriate. 

The number of games, therefore, is down to just half a dozen. This is much less than many other crypto casinos, but they compensate with the quality of each game, as well as the authentic feel. It’s also interesting to note that Tower is associated a lot with gaming. They introduced some features that you’d typically see in video games, such as hotkeys. But they also allow you to deposit in CS:GO and Dota 2 skins.

This seems to be a minor detail, but it shows that there is a soul in this casino. They don’t just shove any features into their functionality; they measure each mechanic and add those the forward-thinking crypto enthusiasts would like (according to them, anyway). It’s an interesting, if unmeasurable, advantage.

Technical Features

Both the website itself and the customer service is available in 5 languages – English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. And the list will likely grow. The customer service is reported to be polite and responsive, even if it’s not immediately obvious how to contact them.

In terms of deposits, the main currencies you can bet in on this crypto casino are BTC, ETH, LTC, and DOGE. In addition to that, you can claim a welcome bonus of up to 120% by making your first deposit here. Besides this, you can also claim a free spin every day, as well as other promotions and bonuses.

They don’t charge for withdrawals, which is a welcome feature, considering that casinos already make tons of money from your losses. That, and the several characteristics mentioned above, makes Tower.Bet very approachable and user-friendly compared to many other crypto casinos.

DUCKDICE - Excellent choice for casual and dice gamblers is a curious case in the online casino Bitcoin industry in that it revolves around a single bitcoin dice game. Most gambling providers have several genres of games, as well as at least a dozen games in each category. That’s not always the case, but they tend to put a lot of different entertainment into their platforms.

Because of that, it seems DuckDice is trying to go for quality rather than quantity, and that’s exactly the case. The main game is meticulously developed to look pleasant, including enjoyable sound and visual effects. Not only is it pleasant to look at, but the gaming experience itself is also highly enjoyable. If you want crypto dice entertainment, you are highly advised to come here for it.

It’s not entirely true, however, that the local entertainment is only limited to this one dice game. The latter has several interesting features and nuances, including a jackpot that you can win if you’re lucky enough. But there are also sports betting capabilities with simply dice mini-games.

There are other smaller games, as well. Such as races, lottery, and the ‘Duck Hunt’ interactive game. They generally have simple rules, plenty of pure entertainment, and smaller prizes.


The website’s appearance in general is also incredibly pleasing. It’s consistent with the design of the main dice game, and it follows simple, clear, bright, and comprehensive details. You always know where you are, thanks to the clever use of imagery and space on the pages.

These might be a minor advantage from the practical point of view, after all technical reliability, trustworthiness, and enjoyable games are the main factors. But if all of that is present, a neat look with high-quality imagery is the icing on top. And that’s exactly the case with DuckDice.


One of the more pleasant upsides of this Bitcoin casino is the promotions. 

There isn’t a classic first deposit bonus, but there is a deposit bonus that you can sign up for by committing some of your money to this promotional campaign. You can receive a bonus sum of money depending on the current rules and your committed share. Note that it’s a time-limited promotion.

Besides this, there are plenty of other bonus offers. The affiliation program is essentially a loyalty system, and you can also connect to a generous faucet. A special Faucet Mode can be turned on, which will limit what you can do in a casino but also give you a small amount of Bitcoin once in a while.

And there are many other promotions for every taste.

Technical Advantages

It’s agreed by many that one of main upsides of this Bitcoin casino is the instant withdrawals and deposits. Not only is it extremely convenient that 90% (according to them) of the transactions you make are instant, but it also shows that there is no manipulation of said transactions on their part. And, what’s more, there are dozens of cryptocurrencies that you can just deposit on your DuckDice balance.

As for the ever-important customer service, people generally praise it. Lower-level problems can be taken up by mods, which are very active, polite, and helpful. Admins, which are the higher-level staff, aren’t as responsive. You may need to contact them because of some financial or account-related issues, which might be a tad longer experience. 

BITSTARZ – Outstanding online casino that accepts crypto is one of the top Bitcoin casinos and one of the big online casinos overall. In fact, this online casino was lauded many times by the various popular observers and agencies that gave this company a lot of awards in the past, mainly for being an incredibly good online casino. But it’s not really a crypto casino in the usual sense. 

For the website to be a Bitcoin casino, you expect it to accept cryptocurrencies as payment and maybe some fiat currencies to make the experience more convenient. BitStarz supports a lot of cryptocurrencies, but there are just as many fiat currency users. It is an online casino with Bitcoin and fiat money.

Game Selection

This provider is all about variety,  as seen in their currency policy and also in their game selection. They have lots of games, divided into 17 main categories, including slots, table games, live casino, as well as various subcategories. One of them is the casino Bitcoin games,  games played exclusively with crypto.

Some games, like the BitStarz Originals, are beyond the typical categories. They include games like Crash or Plinko. They feature the familiar rules and premises, but these are unique titles developed specifically for this platform. Many other games are bought from developer companies and hosted in the open.

Many of them, in particular the top games and the Originals,  support both crypto (largely LTC, BTC or ETH) and fiat currencies (USD, EUR). They try to implement it for all of their new arrivals, but some of them either don’t work well with crypto for some reason or were simply overlooked. Nonetheless, the majority of games use both.

Customer Service

Reports indicate that their customer service is pretty good. There is plenty of information to read (the FAQ, games info, and payments info), but you can also contact the “premium support”, which doesn’t mean you have to pay extra for it, but simply that it’s high-class. 

You can contact them via email or a live chat, which can answer some questions automatically or connect you to one of the staff agents in your language (Russian, English, Chinese, Japanese, or Portuguese). They are typically swift and helpful, and you can contact them if you have questions or want an actual problem solved.


Promotions aren’t as grand on this Bitcoin casino

Many people look forward to the various special offers your typical crypto casino would offer, but this section of the website is pretty scarce. They have something of a welcome bonus, but not in the regular sense. Once you join, you can enroll in a regular free tournament for the new arrivals that lets you win up to $200 for playing.

There are few other promotions besides the seasonal ones. There are “slots wars” and “‘table wars”,  which are weekly tournaments that let you earn points for playing any game in either of these genres and then turn them into solid cash. But that’s not as exciting as the stuff other platforms offer.

MBIT CASINO – Wonderful crypto casino with lots of games and promos is an example of a classic Bitcoin casino. It offers plenty of typical online gambling, as well as focusing exclusively on features and opportunities related to Bitcoin. They accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, and Ripple in their current version.

One of the chief upsides of this crypto casino is its promotions and games. Both are plentiful and feel exactly like a typical casino would. The games in particular are available in the hundreds, divided into several genres of games, as well as several sorting categories.

Game Selection

The local casino entertainment includes several beloved game varieties, such as slots, table games, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, dice, video poker, and a separate group of jackpot games. Each of them incorporates dozens of unique titles, over two thousand in all.

Not all of them might be worth checking out. The quality control for the new additions is decent, but these games are obviously created by third-party developers. Considering how many of them there are, you can’t expect all of them to be enjoyable. You can find your favorite games through the simple and solid searching mechanism, or just stick to the classics.

The good news is that they all support the cryptocurrencies available on this crypto casino. Each of the seven coins can be spent in each of these 2000+ games, which is great.


Promos are another wonderful upside of this Bitcoin casino.

There are several permanent offers of a typical sort. You can claim a bonus for the three initial deposits, which includes a deposit bonus and a free spin bonus: 75% and 75 spins, 100% and 100 spins, and 125% and 125 spins – respectively. There are obviously rules and restrictions, but this is outstanding news for all the freeloaders out there.

The other offers include a loyalty program with cashback, free spins, cash bonuses, and a variety of other gifts you get simply for constant betting. Many offers are also seasonal and irregular, and you can always count on a few curious promotions, tournaments, and so forth.

Customer Service

The customer service is admittedly inferior to what many competitors have to offer. There is a live chat where you can chat with an automated helper, and you can also contact a staff member for help. They are helpful, but it seems they are not as responsive as one might hope.

The withdrawals and deposits are typically fast and not as cheap, although many people complain that you can’t even get to the point of withdrawing money if you sign up for a deposit bonus. They demand that you roll it over 40 times, which is actually not a problem if you come to have fun.

IGNITION CASINO – the best choice for crypto poker gambling is a Bitcoin casino that mostly operates in America, although has branches all over the world. In particular, it’s one of the bigger online poker services in America, and it happens to support a score of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tether, and Litecoin.

Besides these, they also let you pay in fiat currencies, such as USD and EUR. They are rather diverse in this way, although they aren’t as great when it comes to the game variety. It might not be that bad, because it’s another case of quality > quantity, especially considering their specialization.


Most games on this USA Bitcoin casino are card games, most notably poker and blackjack. There are over 300 various games, and they include these two plus slots and exciting table games (like roulette). They still try to seem like a Vegas casino turned online, what with the website design and choice of games.

They are rather enjoyable, as they seem to only offer games that fit their aesthetic and pass the quality control. They particularly seek out good poker games. This partly explains why there are fewer games than most people expect from a BTC casino. But, once more, it’s not really a disadvantage because you wouldn’t play all of these games anyway.


The local promotions are scarce but decent. There is a typical welcome bonus of 150% (up to $3000), as well as a curious referral bonus. This promo essentially means you can get money for each person you referred here and even more money for people who come here with crypto.

The other big part of their promo policy is the poker tournaments, which are held often and with a lot of interesting rules. Besides this, however, there isn’t a lot you can get for free.

Technical Features

The technical aspects of this Bitcoin casino are mixed. On one hand, you can count on free transactions to and from the website. On the other hand, the games lag and freeze more often than you’d want. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it seems to occur often enough for people to notice.

This is their biggest disadvantage, even if the provider is generally one of the best poker candidates for a crypto casino the USA has to offer.

Ranking methodology: How did we select the best crypto casinos?

Anyone can arrange a number of crypto casino websites in some order and call it a day. But what are the main criteria put into this ranking? There are several factors that experts would agree upon. You can also determine whether a platform is worthy of your attention by looking at its reputation on review aggregators.


Regulated refers to whether or not the casino actually answers to some jurisdiction or not. What’s more, most people wish that it is accountable to proper authorities and not a lenient jurisdiction somewhere in the Grenadines, where rules on treating client information are either very lax or not enforced properly.

A casino should at least have all the proper documentation, including registration papers, provable location, and other details, all under a jurisdiction that at least acknowledges that privacy of users should be respected and fraud should be prosecuted. Curacao and Malta are some examples of a good authority.

Customer service

It all boils down to a customer service that is respectable, polite, effective, and swift. It doesn’t just mean that you’ll be able to solve technical or financial problems or just ask relevant questions about the website. Proper client service reflects the goal of the company – to treat their clients with respect.


Promotions shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you, because there are plenty of other factors that constitute a good crypto casino. Still, if you look at it through the lens of having fun, promotions are important. You can get a lot of free money, resources, and fun by participating in a well-organized bonus program. It can mean that you won’t win a lot of money, but that shouldn’t be a problem for a reasonable gambler.

Reliable withdrawals

The main problem with many Bitcoin casino providers is their lax attitude towards transactions done from their platform. The deposits, which are the opposite, are always completely reliable and fast, but it’s not uncommon for withdrawals to take longer than promised. This can be a sign of incompetence, technical issues, or simply fraud. 

Technical reliability

Last but not least, the functionality of a crypto casino must be absolutely smooth. The acceptable amount of hiccups and loading problems is null. You may experience some if your connection is poor, but that’s not the only side where the issues may be. The website may be overloaded, lacking in power, or just poorly built. Casinos absolutely have resources to fix these issues, some just don’t want to.

Selection of ames

A sheer number of games won’t be important at all. A provider could have 100 or 10000 games, and you’ll hardly feel a difference. An average gambler only plays a handful of titles. What matters is the quality control and approach to selecting your games. They should fit the aesthetic, the specialization, and be contemporary.

Top crypto casino sites: FAQ

Can you win real money on online crypto casinos?

Yes, winning is part of the fun, and any game, with varying degrees of chance, will let you multiply your stake. The real question is whether it’s possible to leave with more money than you had on arrival. Well, it is possible, but it’s also common knowledge that it’s much easier to lose than win.

What exactly is a crypto casino?

Crypto casino is an online casino that accepts cryptocurrencies in payment, by and large. They also differ from regular online casinos by the crypto-exclusive features, such as games that take inspiration from crypto, accepted payment solutions, and other minor nuances.

How can I deposit at crypto casinos?

The process is extremely easy if you dealt with cryptocurrencies before. A crypto casino will typically have a number of cryptocurrencies it supports,  the most typical being Bitcoin and Ether. You need to pick a currency that you want to pay in and then attach your personal crypto wallet code.

What is a “provably fair” online casino?

“Provably fair” is an algorithm a Bitcoin online casino would use to let their users prove the fairness of their bets and that the provider doesn’t manipulate them in any stage of this process. Before the bet is placed, the users receive part of the seed of the bet used by the provider. The user then adds their seed and plays the bet. After the bet is played, they receive the seed in its entirety and verify if it changed or not.

Are crypto casino sites legit?

That’s likely the most important and popular question regarding crypto casino websites. Their legitimacy depends entirely on the particular provider. There are many legit providers, but fraudulent companies are also numerous. If you exercise caution while choosing a website to work with, you can easily find a‌ legit site.

How do I choose the best Bitcoin casinos for me?

Everybody has their own approach because every user has their own set of advantages they are looking forward to. But the best way to go about your search is to access a user review aggregator (such as Trustpilot) and check what users have to say. Client reviews are typically a lot less biased than expert-written reviews.

Joining bitcoin casinos

Once you’ve chosen your casino, start by creating an account with it. If you pick one of the better options, Tower.Bet, there are several ways you can register:

  1. Join through DuckDice;
  2. Join through social media (Telegram, Facebook, Google, Discord, etc.);
  3. Join by creating an email and login.

If you choose the latter option, you’ll have to verify your email by receiving a letter from Tower.Bet, then proceed through a link they send to you and start the actual process of creating your account. This includes your password, location, preferred currency, and many other details.

Some of them might be personal, but it’s important to provide them nonetheless to uphold collective security. You won’t have to submit too many sensitive details, considering that it’s a crypto casino, after all.

Want to start at the best bitcoin casino?

Tower.Bet is by far the best crypto casino out there, in our opinion. It offers several exceptionally enjoyable games, an absolutely stunning design, outstanding customer support, and several wonderful promotions. It combines all the things a regular online gambler wants. Not to mention they are completely trustworthy.

The other names on the list are close behind. They are outstanding in at least several of the key factors we look at while selecting our favorite casino providers. You might check them out as well if they seem to offer something you like in particular.

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this guide are for entertainment purposes only. Online gambling is incredibly risky and can be financially detrimental. 

Before signing up for any of these casinos, refer to the gambling laws in your country and region to see if you are legally allowed to participate. This entertainment is strictly 18+. If you or anyone you know has a gambling addiction, please visit these gambling addiction platforms, as they might help:



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