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Sie haben die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Schlüssel • Sie haben die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Schlüssel • Ihre privaten Schlüssel werden bei einem Drittanbieter gespeichert, der leicht darauf zugreifen kann


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Zengo Wallet is a unique non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet with a “Keyless” functionality. This functionality leans heavily on an advanced cryptography security model which eliminates the need for certain activities like generating or storing private keys - iCloud/Google Drive are only used for the restoration process. We have described this feature in detail under the Zengo Wallet Security section.

The company now boasts 900,000 active users and has evolved from a beginner's wallet into the most secure crypto wallet on the market. The launch of Zengo Pro has been hugely successful for the company and has meant that the standard Web3 Firewall Clearsign feature is now included in Zengo Pro, but is no longer available as a free security feature.