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Sie haben die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Schlüssel • Ihre privaten Schlüssel werden bei einem Drittanbieter gespeichert, der leicht darauf zugreifen kann • Ihre privaten Schlüssel werden bei einem Drittanbieter gespeichert, der leicht darauf zugreifen kann


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Infinito Wallet is a great multi-asset versital wallet. It offers a nice list of supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, GAS, Dash and Dogecoin. It also makes it possible to gain access to leading smart contract blockchain tokens such as: ETH ERC20, NEO NEP-5. The wallet is available as a mobile wallet for both iOS and Android devices.

If security is your biggest attraction in digital wallets, then Infinito will catch your fancy. The wallet has good security features. Outstanding among these is the touch ID claim, which is a new standard for mobile wallets. Other key features include Contacts Management, Price Management, multi-language support, transaction history, QR code scanner and virtual portfolio. Furthermore, the wallet is the first universal wallet to support EOS mainnet.

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Infinity Blockchain Group is the company behind this wallet. The company focuses on promoting R&D using digital assets. The wallet’s creative team consists of seasoned blockchain R&D experts. Jack Nguyen leads the team as the Director. The company’s headquarters is in Singapore while the wallet is registered in the Isle of Man.

This wallet has been around for only a short while. Actually, it was launched in 2017. In spite of this, it has millions of users across the world. It supports English, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, French and Japanese languages with more joining soon. Main competitors include MEW, Exodus and Jaxx.

One of the unique selling points of this wallet is its support for a long list of digital assets. These include top-tier ones such as BTC, ETH, Dash and EOS among others. On top of these coins, the wallet also supports ADA – ONT – EOS – BNB. Within the near future, the wallet will according to information provided to us here at Cryptowisser also support BEP2 tokens and TOMO, USDT OmniLayer & TRON, and all the tokens associated with them (+ 1,000).

If you would like to hold ERC-20 and NEO NEP-5 assets, the wallet covers you as well. Apart from existing ERC-20 and NEP-5 coins, the devs do add new ones every week. Therefore, the storage capacity keeps getting bigger.

To find out where you can purchase these cryptocurrencies, use our Exchange Finder or our Cryptocurrency Exchange List.

Like other wallets, you need a fee to process your transactions. To offer some level of choice, users are able to “optimize their transaction fees” from three options – Economy, Regular and Premium. Overall, you are able to process your transactions at the lowest costs possible.

It is a mobile wallet, which is free to use. Therefore, you can simply visit Google Playstore or Apple’s App Store to download the latest version entirely for free.

If you have been struggling with mobile wallets, you should try this one out. It might make you change your mind. The wallet is built for beginners to have an easy go without support. A few of the wallet’s features that contributes to excellent user experience include:

Contact Management: If you transact in digital assets more often, you will find this feature helpful. It allows you to store your frequent crypto addresses in a list for easy access. This feature saves the pain of having to write down long addresses in order not to lose them.

Multi-Wallet: Here is another feature that makes life easier for users. If you are like most crypto users who keep coins for specific purposes, you will find this feature useful. In other words, you can organize your digital assets into different wallets and name them as you wish. You can create as many wallets as you wish.

To improve the wallet’s features, the team plans to add a Portfolio Management feature. This will allow users to view owned assets in other wallets or exchange.

In addition, the wallet has other cool features such as QR code scanner, Touch ID support and the Dapp Browser. The purpose of the Dapp Browser named App Square is to make it convenient for the user to not only hold their cryptocurrencies, but also utilize them to access dApps from ETH – ONT – EOS – BNB blockchain (and soon to come TOMOCHAIN and TRON).

Finally, Infinito Wallet gives its users monthly airdrops, as a way of offering users the option to earn free tokens.

To set up your wallet:

  • First, tap on “Create New Wallet” after installing the app.
  • Second, name your wallet and tap “Next” to back up your wallet.
  • Third, copy your passphrase and keep safely. Finally, confirm your recovery phrase and create a password to finish the setup.

Now you are ready to receive your first set of coins.

The wallet offers a good measure of anonymity.

Infinito is an HD wallet that combines both security and convenience. The wallet’s security architecture combines passphrase, password and touch ID. In addition, user public and private keys are not held in centralized servers. Therefore, it will be hard for anyone to steal your digital assets from the internet.

Also, the Infinito Wallet has also been reviewed by the leading security audit company Smart Dec.

In spite of this, you have to keep your device safe by restricting unnecessary access.

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The wallet is open-source. This presents a good level of transparency as the source code allows for external reviews.

The wallet is available for free download on the respective app stores for Android and iOS devices.

This wallet was designed with the average user in mind.

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