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PR: review

1. Introduction

Paradice is a crypto casino built with the Provably Fair algorithm.

Provably Fair guarantees bet transparency, and allows checking calculation of each bet.

Currently, there're three games: Slots, Roulette and Dice with LightSpeed mode, allowing up to 400 bets per second.

The casino offers a “Free Play” feature, allowing users to receive free bonus crypto of their choice, to play and withdraw it from balance.

Regular Regatta contests allow players to receive prizes for wagering coins during the contest. Current prize fund for each regatta contest is 0,03 BTC. There are plans to add even more contests with large prize funds!

2. VIP ranking system

The Paradice has a VIP ranks system with great benefits.

Once you register and start playing, you start participating in VIP program. Your rank progress grows with the volume of your wagered funds.

Benefits of the VIP program:

  • Rakeback up to 20% from each bet, despite if it’s a win or loss;
  • Up to 80 bonuses from Faucet per day, and up to 200% increase of bonus amount and Rain amounts;
  • LightSpeed mode betting speed of up to 400 bets per second;
  • 90% decrease on the withdrawal fees

The more you bet -- the higher are your benefits.

3. Bonuses

When it comes to bonuses, Paradice has a list of benefits for all players:

  • 100 PRDC coins Welcome Bonus for our new players. Bonus is added to balance and can be played, rained or donated to other players in the casino.
  • Rain bonus system. Every few hours some crypto is rained to 10 - 15 of random active players.
  • Faucet bonus system. Receive crypto bonus of your choice each day! Review

4. Games

Currently the casino offers 3 popular games:

  • Dice game
  • Roulette
  • Slot machine

Some facts about the games in Paradice

  • Each of the presented games are using Provably Fair system, guaranteeing Fair Random of each bet result;
  • Each game has an automatic play mode with ability to modify game parameters;
  • LightSpeed mode allows up to 400 bets per second;
  • You can watch your betting stats live via stats page;
  • Players can receive bonus crypto of their choice to balance by clicking “Bonus” button

5. Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Minimal deposit in BTC is 0.00001;
  • The minimal withdrawal is just 0.002 BTC;
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash and of course Bitcoin;
  • In Paradice the withdrawals are instant.

6. Regatta contest

To add a spirit of competition to your game and get rewarded in BTC, players can participate in the Regatta.

Regatta is a betting contest in which the participants who wagered top 20 highest amounts receive BTC rewards from the regatta prize pool. The usual prize pool is currently 0.03 BTC and awarded to players depending on their place in the leaderboard table.

7. Conclusion

Paradice is a great casino both for the new and experienced players, and here’s why:

  • It works on Provably Fair system;
  • Offers 3 of the most popular casino games;
  • Bonus systems -- Faucet, Rain and Tips;
  • Optimized for all modern devices;
  • Instant registration;
  • Regular updates;
  • Fast problem-solving via live tech support.

Participate in our Regatta contest and receive a prize from 0.03 BTC prize pool. You can play without depositing funds! Register and get your crypto:



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Kirt James Avatar

Kirt James

vor 1 Jahr

Love Paradice so much fun and considering all these sites are incredibly hard this one does actually have the best odds and lowest house edge you just got to use a little finesse but be patient and dance sweetly with Lita and she will melt in your arms and be like here just take it I want you to have it 😏 cha. Ching...💲💲💲but remember not everyone is as good as me at dice Soo...

Billyboop Avatar


vor 10 Monaten

I don't recommend Paradice it's sloppy and uncertain. You can't trust there employees there only interested in collecting tips and rain. The only thing they ever do is banned players who actually make deposits instead of dealing with the beggars

LTC 👑 King Avatar

LTC 👑 King

vor 10 Monaten

Kirt James 😁 this is definitely my guy right here 😎 Paradice love ❤️ to the Max 💯 Always. Paradice is my home 🥹 it's were I rain out free LTC in the chatroom. Yes free 😘 you don't even have to play to win 😉

Kirt J Pelowski Avatar

Kirt J Pelowski

vor 8 Monaten

Oh I guess I've already covered this one 😂 ok I don't need to say anymore 🙏 for you I know of the great love that is 🫶 if you can't win there your pushing it, don't be greedy 😅 and sometimes yes be very greedy hehehe 😎.