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PR: Axion Network to Take Cryptocurrencies Mainstream with Long-term Income Stream

The cryptocurrency sector is still making strides towards mainstream adoption. With over ten years in existence, the industry is yet to find a solution to challenges like price volatility. The volatility is a major barrier towards mainstream adoption. A new cryptocurrency project called Axion was recently launched and it seeks to eliminate obstacles towards mainstream crypto adoption. 

Axion is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project established on the Ethereum ecosystem that is crypto-equivalent of a traditional bank-issued certificate of deposit (CD). Unlike existing cryptocurrency projects, Axion is not attempting to replace fiat currency, but it is for investment-minded individuals. The project founders believe there exists a significant gap between the crypto sector and the mainstream finance sector. The Axion project wants to bridge this gap. 

One of Axion's propositions is to offer better returns than the traditional deposit certificate that does not offer any great interest rates. Most returns are between 1.5–2.00%. With the economic impact of Covid-19, traditional CDs are no longer meeting expectations due to high inflation. For Axion, it attracts a baseline interest rate of 8% on the blockchain. Consequently, Axion investors are bound to enjoy features such as emergency unstake or withdrawal penalties to incentivize successful, more extended stake periods. 

Axion also has a pre-agreed staking period that bars investors from amassing an excessive percentage of the token supply. This feature eliminates the role of whales in the Axion Network. Investors who attempt to game the system are penalized. Notably, the network has made it easier to buy the Axion token 'AXN.' All they have to do is sign a smart contract and be willing to keep their stake for an agreed period. 

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Interested investors can acquire their Axion tokens via the Uniswap platform for a seamless experience. You need a Metamask wallet and deposit Ethereum. Once confirmed, buying Axion tokens on Uniswap then becomes easy. 

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Axion investors do not have to worry about price volatility since the network's founders hold no stake in the Axion token itself. The team understands the primary barrier to crypto mainstream adoption is price volatility. Therefore, investors do not have to worry about whales in the Axion Network. 

Axion is taking the lead in powering day to day transactions as global inflation increases the purchasing power of the people. The network has lined up several partnerships to be integrated into online and in-person payment solutions. People can pay for almost anything using Axion.

For instance, Axion has partnered with Connect Financial to launch the first cryptocurrency credit card supported by Visa. The feature will be rolled out by the end of January 2021, where investors will use a credit card linked to their crypto accounts. Investors can carry out transactions just like through the regular card. The Connect Visa Credit Card is the first crypto card that offers credit to holders. Cardholders can leave their Axion tokens untouched as they benefit from credit offerings by Connect. 

Currently, Axion's supply is about 120 billion coins, with more expected to be added. The project is also involved in several charity events. For example, it has pledged to send 1% of all auction proceeds to Eden Reforestation Projects to help support animal lives, biodiversity, and job creation in developing nations. By taking the lead in the conversation, Axion is poised to influence other blockchain projects. 

Axion Network adheres to security measures, having acquired services of auditing firms like Hacken and Certik. The audits ensure that the network is tested and secure, offering a long term foundation for future growth. Judging by early success, the Axion Network is poised to keep growing.

About Axion Network

The Axion Network is a new cryptocurrency investment platform built for income investors. It leverages edge cutting smart contracts to deliver predictable returns to investors in an arrangement with similarities to a traditional certificate of deposit. Learn more and visit the Axion Network website, or connect with them on their Telegram and Discord channels.

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