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Project NEXUS Revolutionizing Traditional Finance Through Blockchain Technology

Press Release

Despite not being all that old, cryptocurrencies have captured the imagination of millions worldwide and continue to do so every single day. There are other asset classes that investors have a keen interest in, such as Stocks and Real Estate. Thankfully, Project NEXUS is poised to become the platform that provides reliable features and services for all of these markets.

According to Nadeem Alrabey, Project NEXUS' Chief Operating Officer, “this is only the beginning as NEXUS is investigating auxiliary markets, tools, and strategic partners that will continue to bring the company, investors, and NEXUS App users value for many years into the future.”

What benefits does Project NEXUS provide?

A platform is only as valuable as the features it provides. Project NEXUS is no exception, which is why the App is being introduced and will cover all asset classes, such as Real Estate Tokens, Stock Derivatives, and Cryptocurrencies.

The NEXUS App, which shall be available on both iOS and Android devices, will be capable of connecting to dozens of exchanges. Through tokenization and the secondary market that Project NEXUS is creating, various intermediaries and other platforms may be considered redundant.

The App will allow users to earn interest from Project NEXUS by utilizing the Real Estate Tokens, Stock Derivatives, and Crypto they possess. Users can collateralize tokens from any asset class to take an immediate loan. The loan can then be spent or used to re-invest and increase wealth more efficiently. 

The importance of tokenization

App users can buy/sell Real Estate Tokens and Stock Derivatives immediately at fair market value, whether there is an interested buyer or not, because the platform will buy them from the seller. As mentioned, Tokenization will work alongside the secondary market. In doing so, the Real Estate market is now liquid and tradable 24/7, with selling no longer being cumbersome and expensive. 

Is Project NEXUS safe?

Safety ranks amongst the most essential aspects in terms of App development. 

The 'Risk Reserve' is an initiative safeguarding investors in the event of unexpected operationally tricky circumstances.  If the Risk Reserve is utilized, Project NEXUS will make every effort to repurchase NEXUS Tokens on the open market by using company profits to preserve the 5% allocation. 

What makes Project NEXUS different?

Mohammed Khashogji, CEO of Project NEXUS, said, “from my experience in Traditional Finance, I saw several constant repeating problems that were frustrating and nonsensical. When introduced to Blockchain Technology by Co-Founder Nadeem, the potential solutions to real-life issues, such as ease of use, better value, and efficiency, quickly bubbled to the surface of my mind. I was immediately hooked and shifted my focus to solving the unsolved.”

Numerous platforms exist, but none effectively combine the aforementioned markets in the way that Project NEXUS does, and they certainly don't offer Exclusive Real Estate of the same caliber. Project NEXUS takes things another step further, and they make it truly affordable for all through their clever approach to tokenization and fractionalization. 

Regarding Use cases, the NEXUS Token is a beast with some highlighted use cases, including the world's first Real Estate Launchpad, through some genuinely top-of-the-line partnerships, a $1 billion+ portfolio exclusive to Project NEXUS from the beginning, and early discounted availability for higher capital investors.

Vasileios Ntamtsios, Project NEXUS' Head of Crypto Research and Tokenization, said the team does not want to offer just the average tradable asset that has for too long become the standard that all projects benchmark themselves against. Instead, Project NEXUS intends to provide real value, which holders will genuinely wish to hold for the long term to realize the benefits the team and I are continuously building.

There are also randomized token airdrops, better conditions on auto-repaying loans, and a unique NFT lottery for private and public sales!

Other practical applications involve reduced fee structures, increased APY on users' savings accounts, a referral program, incentivized rewards, different credit card tiers, exclusive services, the ability to unlock trading bots and signals, and so on. No matter what kind of interest investors may have, there is a solid chance that Project NEXUS can readily accommodate them.

Users in a specific asset class will only be presented with relevant information keeping them both focused and efficient. 

What is Project NEXUS?

With an overall goal of providing enhanced investment opportunities and access, Project NEXUS is a platform that allows investors to utilize Real Estate Tokens, Stock Derivatives, and Crypto as collateral for immediate payout crypto loans.

This includes flexible repayment options that borrowers may consider and select. All of this is made possible by the NEXUS App, which is helpful, visually appealing, and truly revolutionary in terms of functionality and design.

The word ‘Nexus’ is not typically known but can be defined as either a connection or a series of connections that link multiple things. For Project NEXUS, it means the link between traditional finance and DeFi that gives everyone equal access to financial markets that often necessitated users to have more than just a smartphone.

As an effective financial nexus, the platform seamlessly combines the rapidly growing crypto market with two of the world's largest traditional markets, the Real Estate and Stock markets.

Project NEXUS is the catalyst that Traditional Finance requires. Through their mobile App and the NEXUS Token, they are offering everyone the ‘app-ortunity’ to truly take control of their financial future in a way that is affordable, hassle-free, and unique to them as a user. 

For more information and regular updates, join their Telegram, view their Lightpaper, or visit their other channels.  


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