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Next Block Expo 2022 - One Of The Biggest European Events Linking Startups, Investors and Blockchain Community

Next Block Expo 2022 - One Of The Biggest European Events Linking Startups, Investors and Blockchain Community

With a pitch contest, curated networking sessions and a dedicated mobile app to link people, projects and investors, Next Block Expo's ambition is to become the most promising networking opportunity for the european blockchain community in 2022. 

The first edition of the Next Block Expo event with a few thousand attendees will be held at the Berlin Station venue on 23 and 24 of November, linking the most influential people and projects in the web3 space. Brands that joined the event include: Ethereum Foundation, Binance Chain, Cosmos, Polygon, Near, Tezos, Solana, Aleph Zero and ohers.

With presentations and talks at the main stage, roundtables, workshops and fireside chats, NBX is an excellent opportunity for startups and already established blockchain companies to discuss current challenges and new trends. For blockchain community it will be a unique opportunity to meet that many well-known brands under one roof.

“We know the value of networking and collaboration in blockchain. Our goal is to facilitate the process and create friendly space and innovative tools for everyone to connect, discuss and share ideas, as well as help startups to raise capital and investors to find golden opportunities” - says Next Block Expo co-founder Tom Kopera.

All Next Block Expo attendees will get access to a smart-networking app dedicated to the event where they can:

  • Find a list of attendees that fit their needs based on match-making algorithm
  • Chat & schedule 1:1 meetings with other conference participants
  • Create own, personal agenda for the conference by picking relevant sessions
  • Learn about promos, special offers and side events prepared by companies attending NBX and partners.

Organizers, in collaboration with blockchain communities, prepared several special experiences, including:

  • Dedicated content and networking coffee for Women in Web3
  • NFT Exhibition by Tezos & NFT Club Berlin
  • On-site podcast studio for interviewing founders run by Wom3n.DAO
  • Christmas Networking Session by & DAO Researcher
  • Luxury cars exhibition by MetaDrivers

One of the unique events planned to link investors looking for opportunities with startups seeking financing is the pitch contest. It is designed for early stage web3 projects to present their idea and solution they are building to a group of specialists. Web3 founders will be able to quickly pitch their idea to a group of angel investors, venture capital firms, software houses and industry veterans. At the end of the pitch contest, 3 best projects will be revealed by the jury.

“This is a unique opportunity for founders to pitch their ideas, gather worthy feedback, make valuable connections and acquire funding for their future ventures.” - says Tom Kopera.

Next Block Expo is an extension of the previous event series held under the name Cryptocurrency World Expo over the last six years. The 2022 edition will be held on a scale of a few thousand attendees and 100+ speakers.

Berlin Station venue, where the event will be held, will offer 6 content themes for attendees related to DeFi, blockchain gaming and GameFi, scaling and infrastructure, web3 discovery and fundraising and investing.

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