Crypto Exchange MEXC Clarifies Deleted CEO Account Saga

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Cryptocurrency exchange MEXC has clarified that the deleted X account belonged to its former CEO as users feared that the company might be in trouble.


  • MEXC has provided an explanation over a deleted X account that many believe belongs to the crypto exchange’s CEO.

  • The crypto exchange also addressed rumors that some users are unable to withdraw their funds.

MEXC Addresses Deleted CEO Account Report

Crypto exchange MEXC has been forced to address speculation over a recently deleted X (formerly Twitter) account under the name “MEXC_CEO. MEXC was forced to address the issue as many feared that it could be a sign of trouble at the company.

In a lengthy X post on Sunday, MEXC came out to clarify that the deleted account did not belong to its CEO John Chen Ju.

According to MEXC, the account was once used in an official capacity to promote the exchange. However, the original CEO of the company left in July last year, and since then, the individual associated with the X account no longer has any actual connection with MEXC Official.

The crypto exchange added that its mistake was that it didn’t make any official announcement when that happened, resulting in a widespread misunderstanding and confusion when the account was suddenly deleted without notice.

This latest development comes as some users claimed to be having difficulties in withdrawing their funds over the last few days. The reports, coupled with the deleted CEO account, increased fear amongst users that MEXC might be facing challenges that could result in its shutdown.

However, MEXC assured its users that it continues to operate smoothly and all systems are normal. The crypto exchange wrote that,

“Please do not be misled by rumors or by individuals with ulterior motives. We vehemently oppose any form of defamation and/or the dissemination of false information.”



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