British Auctioneers Christie's to Offer Some of the Oldest NFT Art

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Christie’s will hold an auction for some original pieces of NFT Art and offer live online betting in Ethereum

Christie’s will hold an auction for some original pieces of NFT Art and offer live online betting in Ethereum

We’ve seen the rising number of cryptocurrency-based auctions garnering high-value bids for various items in the art world, namely in the CryptoArt space. Christie’s is now offering the opportunity to live bet using Ether (ETH). 

Bidders will have the chance to win some of the oldest NFTs ever at Christie’s. The sale of NFTs via auction houses isn’t something new, as we saw Sotheby's offer such lots already this year, but bidding using ETH is a world-first for major auctioneers.  

What is on offer?

Christie’s will be offering a couple of NFT collections, with the CurioCard NFTs and Art Blocks curated collections. As well as this, a collection named “Post-War to Present” will offer budding artists the to handpick their favorite post-war art pieces. These pieces will be purchased using Ethereum and artists will have the choice of some 200 artworks. 

The “Art Blocks Curated” collection holds 31 post-war art projects, which were created by a Canadian collector Barcella, who will open the auction as of October 1st. The Art Blocks collection is highly sought after and is expected to draw in a high volume of bidders.

The CurioCard NFT collection is an online art platform, providing digital artists and collectors with the opportunity to sell some of the oldest NFT art pieces made on the Ethereum blockchain. These pieces will include a full set of 30 cards, as well as “17b” that represents the NFTs. CurioCards recently posted a video showing the cards being added to Christie’s auction, with the payment option in ETH. 

The rise of NFT in auction houses

NFTs are not art per se, but a means to digitally own something. In the case of artworks, it provides the chance to value work digitally and attach ownership status to a blockchain. This is something that will become increasingly valuable as the world adapts to blockchain technology. 

As such, real-world objects can be valued with ease; art, music, antiques, and the list goes on, NFTs provide an official status of ownership. Digital ownership is certainly valued, as Christie’s alone has seen tens of millions of dollars in NFT sales this year. 


Mark Weaden

Mark Weaden is a British researcher and crypto enthusiast, living in Barcelona. His work has been published on a variety of leading cryptocurrency sites.

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