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New Uses For Both Bitcoin And Blockchain Are Popping Up

Even though Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market is as volatile as ever, more and more uses for both Bitcoin and Blockchain are popping up. Today the Blockchain is used for many more purposes than just investing in crypto, and some of them are revolutionizing their respective fields.

Thankfully Bitcoin, and the rest of the crypto scene have come a long way since the launch 2008. Today, Bitcoin, crypto, and the Blockchain are all hot topics at watercoolers and financial magazines and not just something discussed on obscure web forums for people with an interest in cryptography. 

Today Bitcoin is used mainly as an asset to invest in, but more and more uses in transactions are starting to pop up. It has also become a popular way of making payments in online gambling smoother, and many players are now only using crypto casinos to gamble. If you are interested in learning more about this, you can find Bitcoin casino sites on where you can also get more information about how it works in practice. Regardless, you should stick around to the end of this article as we are going to go into detail about several interesting developments in the fascinating world of crypto.  

Blockchain is finding more and more practical uses 

Thanks to the encrypted nature of cryptocurrencies, more and more somewhat unexpected uses for Blockchain is starting to emerge. One of the most utilized fields are in the world of healthcare. Blockchain technology is implemented into journals to make it easier and more secure for healthcare professionals and patients alike to read journals. 

Blockchain is also being tested in the implementation of tickets to sporting events or concerts. Being able to sell a ticket that is not copyable is enabling organizers to get a better idea of where their tickets end up and make it a lot harder for scalpers and scammers. 

There are even discussions about using Blockchain in elections of various kinds. Even though this is most likely going to take a long time before it is implemented in a wider scale it is currently being beta-tested by several companies. 

Regulations are starting to enable larger transactions 

For a long time, the governments of the world have not showed as much as a feigned interest in crypto. But as more and more people are starting to get heavily invested into these digital assets, more governments are starting to enable practical uses for Bitcoin. In Portugal a house was recently purchased using Bitcoin, one of the first in Europe. But this is not the country that has done the most to normalize crypto payments. 

The most extreme example of this is El Salvador. You most likely have skimmed one or two articles about this as it made headline news some time ago when the president of the central American country announced, somewhat unexpected, that Bitcoin was going to become an official currency in the country. This sparked massive interested from the rest of the world and El Salvador is today the most crypto friendly country in the world. 



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