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How to buy real Bitcoins and certificates on

The financial world has developed significantly in the past few decades. Ever since cryptocurrencies were introduced to the world about nine years ago, the financial world has changed for good. One might say that cryptocurrencies have started a financial revolution and that the future will be dominated by cryptocurrencies. There are many different types of cryptocurrencies on the market, but the biggest and most popular is without a doubt Bitcoins. If Bitcoin truly is the currency of the future, you might want to consider buying Bitcoins and investing in them. It is easy to find a how to buy Bitcoin guide on the internet, so you can get started right away. If you are about to buy Bitcoins or certificates for the first time, it might be challenging and confusing. Therefore, we have provided some more information on how to buy real Bitcoins and certificates on in the article below.

How to buy real Bitcoins and certificates on

Important things to know before you buy Bitcoins

Before you just dive right into the world of Bitcoins, it might be a good idea for you to do some research on this cryptocurrency. Before you start buying Bitcoins, you should spend some time learning more about Bitcoins and how the cryptocurrency works in relation to the stock market. This way, you have a better chance of making successful purchases. Besides this, you should make sure to buy your Bitcoins at a trustworthy place, for example on It is extremely important to feel safe, especially when you are about to purchase your first Bitcoins.

What are certificates?

It is not only possible for you to buy Bitcoins on, but you can also buy certificates. If you are wondering what certificates are, we will try to explain it to you. Certificates are also known as CFDs which stands for “Contracts for Difference”. If you choose to buy certificates, you are not actually buying an asset, but you are buying the difference in the prices of Bitcoins. As you may know, the value of Bitcoins goes up and down all the time, just like the value of any other stocks. You have the opportunity to take advantage of these price fluctuations by buying the certificates instead of buying actual Bitcoins.

How to use eToro to buy Bitcoins and certificates

No matter if you are interested in buying Bitcoins or certificates, you can buy them both on This is a safe and regulated platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoins in an easy and quick way. If you want to buy Bitcoins or certificates on, all you have to do to get started is to sign up and verify your account. Next step for you is to make a deposit, and then you are ready to buy some Bitcoins or certificates. It is incredibly easy to use eToro to buy Bitcoins and certificates, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get started right away.



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