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Gofaizen & Sherle Introduce Full-Cycle Online Accounting In Lithuania

Press Release

Gofaizen & Sherle is a legal and business consulting firm specializing in digital asset-based businesses, financial institutions and investment funds. Having been founded in September 2021, the company has successfully gained a portfolio of hundreds of different projects for numerous clients all over the world.

Now, Gofaizen & Sherle is introducing full-cycle online accounting in Lithuania. Common accounting issues for cryptocurrency companies include high prices, a lack of market knowledge, and regulations in various countries. However, a majority of these problems can be solved quickly and cheaply using online accounting. In Lithuania, Gofaizen & Sherle therefore accommodated a large amount of expertise and accounting practices have become much easier with their product as a result.

What makes Gofaizen & Sherle different?

Clients of Gofaizen & Sherle can easily resolve any and all business-related issues through the company's wide array of useful features and services. Moreover, the customers would never have to deal with any legal problems either. This is critical because, while there are many businesses dealing with digital assets nowadays, not all of them follow the appropriate regulations, KYC and AML procedures.

According to Mark Gofaizen, Senior Partner at Gofazien & Sherle, the rapidly growing and fast-paced realm of digital financial services is being faced with a demanding, slow conventional approach to establishing companies and handling license subtleties in new markets like Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, and numerous others. He went on to say that the core task for him and his team would be to help clients resolve these legal complexities while also guaranteeing dynamic growth in new markets.

Furthermore, the company is planning to steadily grow its presence in these new markets and therefore will develop useful fintech products to assist multiple businesses in running more seamlessly and effectively. These products and services will also include acquiring, accounting, and other simple crypto business tools.

How does Lithuania fit into the company’s plans?

In Lithuania, Gofaizen & Sherle started an online accounting service for crypto companies. Essentially, the company began offering a ready-made solution for digital accounting which simplifies and expedites the complex process of report preparation. The service additionally verifies the accuracy of the reports and helps with tax calculation and navigation in key dates on the tax calendar.

Mark Gofaizen stated that reporting and accounting are important aspects of the job that require a significant amount of time, which entrepreneurs are naturally short of. Gofaizen & Sherle's online accounting is hence an innovative and useful solution for crypto businesses as well as traditional businesses which desire to make this process simple, effective, and quick. Mark also indicated that the service handles the paperwork, allowing customers to concentrate on strategic tasks.

Traditional businesses can thus easily utilize the service, which provides full accounting support. Once again, the goal of the solution is to simplify and expedite the generation of annual, quarterly, tax, and payroll reports for any business. According to Gofaizen & Sherle, Lithuania is also a comparatively better option than Estonia. Further details about the service are available here for anyone who may be interested.

About Gofaizen

The Gofaizen & Sherle team, which began with legal and business professionals, has more than doubled in the last year. It now consists of highly qualified experts who can help with all aspects of starting a new business, including legal and financial advice, business analysis, and product development.

Put simply, the company offers customers a comprehensive approach to their needs. The figures speak for themselves, as Gofaizen & Sherle clients have successfully obtained over 200 financial licenses in European, American, and Asian jurisdictions to date, and they often rely on the company's timely assistance as they continue to expand their businesses into new markets with each passing day.

Regarding future goals, the company will keep expanding its influence in emerging markets while developing useful fintech products and services to help businesses run more smoothly and efficiently as aforementioned. For instance, acquiring, accounting, and other quick and easy crypto business tools will all be provided.

Visit the official website for more information along with the LinkedIn channel for regular updates.


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