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BitGlobal is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2019. It is a rebranding from the branch previously called Bithumb Global. Bithumb is originally from South Korea, but BitGlobal has is place of registration in the Seychelles.  

This platform supports trading in a very large number of cryptocurrencies (300+) and the list of supported cryptocurrencies is also continuously expanding.

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This platform is not only available for desktop, but also Android and Apple mobile phones. Most traders in the crypto world today carry out their trades via desktop (around 70% or so). However, there are naturally people out there that want to do it from their smart phone as well. If you’re one of those people, then this platform can still be for you.

BitGlobal Mobile Support

Every trading platform has a trading view. The trading view is the part of the exchange’s website where you can see the price chart of a certain cryptocurrency and what its current price is. There are normally also buy and sell boxes, where you can place orders with respect to the relevant crypto, and, at most platforms, you will also be able to see the order history (i.e., previous transactions involving the relevant crypto). Everything in the same view on your desktop. There are of course also variations to what we have now described. This is the trading view at BitGlobal (in night mode):

BitGlobal Trading View

It is up to you – and only you – to decide if the above trading view is suitable to you. Finally, there are usually many different ways in which you can change the settings to tailor the trading view after your very own preferences.

BitGlobal also has a feature they call "Bull and Bear", being an interface where you can easily trade based on whether you think the price of a particular cryptocurrency will go up or down. The trading interface of Bull and Bear looks like this:

BitGlobal Bull and Bear

Every time you place an order, the exchange charges you a trading fee. The trading fee is normally a percentage of the value of the trade order. Many exchanges divide between takers and makers. Takers are the one who “take” an existing order from the order book. Makers are the ones who add orders to the order book, thereby making liquidity at the platform.

The fees are normally a certain percentage of fees. BitGlobal charges both takers and makers 0.10%. 

In the largest and most recent empirical study performed on industry average crypto trading fees, we found that the industry average spot trading taker fee was 0.221% and the corresponding spot trading maker fee was 0.178%. Here, as you recall, they are both set at 0.10%. Consequently, BitGlobal's trading fees are a fair bit below average. 

When withdrawing BTC from BitGlobal’s trading platform, you will have to pay 0.001 BTC. According to the most recent empirical withdrawal fee study that has been made, the industry average BTC-withdrawal fee in Q3 2021 was 0.00053 BTC per BTC-withdrawal. This means that BitGlobal's withdrawal fees are slightly above the industry average. On the date of first writing this review (14 November 2021), 0.001 BTC corresponded to approx. 65 US dollars.

BitGlobal does not allow US-investors on its exchange. So if you’re from the US and would like to engage in crypto trading, you will have to look elsewhere. Luckily for you, if you go to the Exchange List and use our exchange filters, you can sort the exchanges based on whether or not they accept US-investors.

In order to trade here, you must have cryptocurrency to begin with. The only asset class you can deposit to BitGlobal is cryptocurrency (as far as we have been able to establish). However, if you really like BitGlobal but you don’t have any crypto yet, you can easily start an account with an exchange that has “fiat on-ramps” (an exchange where you can deposit regular cash), buy crypto there, and then transfer it from such exchange to this exchange. Use our Exchange Filters to easily see which platforms that allow wire transfer or credit card deposits.