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CoinCodex App: The Easiest Way to Track Your Crypto Investments

Cryptocurrency investors often have their holdings split among multiple wallets and exchanges, making it hard to get a big picture perspective on the performance of their investment. One way to stay on top of your holdings is with the help of our friends at CoinCodex. CoinCodex is a crypto listings platform that features an intuitive yet powerful cryptocurrency portfolio feature.

CoinCodex is completely free to use and lists almost 6,000 cryptocurrencies trading on more than 200 exchanges. Prices are updated in real time, which is key in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. The website also posts an up-to-date list of token sales, decentralized applications and blockchain industry events and covers the most important crypto news stories in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Follow the most relevant cryptocurrencies with the portfolio and watchlist

Users can add the coins they are interested in following to their personal watchlist, making real-time price data for the most relevant coins only one click away. You can also set up price alerts for key levels. For example, you can set up an e-mail alert for when Bitcoin falls to $10,000 or rises to $15,000 so you can react accordingly. The feature is available for all cryptocurrencies.

CoinCodex Portfolio

For cryptocurrencies you already hold, your best bet is to use the crypto portfolio. You can check out all of your holdings in one place and see how your portfolio is growing over time.

CoinCodex also has a free mobile app

The CoinCodex portfolio is also connected to the platform’s iOS and Android mobile apps, which are available for free on the App Store and the Play Store. Because of this, you can check the same updated portfolio on your PC and on your phone. You can download CoinCodex app here.




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