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CCN is back from the dead

Nearly every single crypto enthusiast has heard about the CCN drama that occurred this week. Allegedly, it was due to the Google algorithm update not too long ago.

It seemed like the website was bottling the frustration of figuring out what exactly happened to its traffic. Eventually, the CCN-team could not maintain the site anymore. On Monday this week (10 June 2019), CCN came out with an announcement detailing their traffic loss due to the update and announced their official close-down.

But much like a group of teenagers in a Hollywood horror movie wouldn’t expect a zombie to rise up from a nearby grave, the same can be said about the cryptocurrency community and CCN. The popular crypto website announced on Wednesday that CCN is back, alive and kicking.

CCN is back – but what happened?

After brainstorming all of the possible reasons why the site managed to lose such a large chunk of its search traffic, the CCN executive team simply could not come up with an answer. The only reasonable conclusion that could have been made was that there was either a massive bias towards crypto sites from Google. Or, alternatively, that there were some inherent flaws in CCN’s marketing and business models.

However, the answer was much more simple than everybody anticipated. The CEO of CCN, Jonas Borchgrevink came out with yet another article on Wednesday letting us know how a friendly employee from Google dropped a hint that the website’s previous domain name was starting to appear in searches again.

In fact, the website was displaying news articles from CCN and quote “stealing traffic” from the main website. This turned out to be a shocking revelation to Borchgrevink. He had personally requested a domain name change from to as early as 2017.

Nevertheless, the CEO and the team finally had an answer and started trying to fix it.

Unpopular opinion

People also believe that the controversy that surrounded the whole shutdown drove much larger traffic from the general public. Apparently, it wasn’t only crypto enthusiasts that became engaged in the matter. In addition, a large number of webmasters wanted to turn CCN into a case study and learn from their mistakes.

Many are saying that the increased direct traffic, as well as increased search traffic for the queries “google update” increased the website’s authority again. Such people also claim that it gave CCN another jump in peoples’ search results for the correct queries.

Regardless of what was the reason, the cryptocurrency community was able to retain one of its largest news sources. Also, the CEO managed to keep his business intact.


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