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Boba Network Launches BNB Chain’s First Ever L2

Press Release 

Boba Network has deployed the first layer-two to BNB Chain, offering enhanced scalability and low fees computation to a top-3 popular blockchain by total value locked.

Boba-BNB is the latest in a series of Boba deployments, aiming to solidify its position as the only multi-chain L2 network. With BNB Chain, Boba is also the first L2 to deploy on the network, which can become a significant boost to BNB Chain’s scaling strategy.

While BNB Chain is significantly faster than many other blockchains, it is still a monolithic design that will eventually hit a scalability limit. Scaling through EVM-compatible layer-two systems is the only viable path today, with Boba opening BNB Chain to the next billion Web3 users.

Thanks to Boba’s Hybrid Compute, BNB Chain developers have an easy way to offload non-critical computation off-chain and interact with it on-chain, which further improves the ecosystem’s scalability potential.

Using Boba from BNB Chain is simple, thanks to a secure native bridge for BNB and other tokens. Transactions on the network can be paid with BNB and BOBA tokens, giving maximum flexibility.

Boba brings a proven track record of successfully launching across many chains, which so far includes Fantom, Avalanche, & Moonbeam — in addition to Ethereum. The technology has been proven to work reliably across each chain, making Boba the go-to multi-chain scaling solution.

The BNB Chain deployment also brings several key launch partners such as Sushi, the cross-chain DEX, Nova, the Play-to-Mine Miningverse, Lady Blur, a fast-paced 3D RPG game, & Foxtrot Command, a blockchain trading card game. Other partners include BIZI, Kyo (ChronoGames) & Nifty Souq. These are expected to deploy on Boba BNB L2 in the next few weeks.

“BNB Chain is one of the most successful chains outside of Ethereum, cementing a rich and innovative DeFi and NFT ecosystem. It is also a key partner for our vision, as it focuses on the average user and aligns with our goals of bringing 1 billion people to Web3,” said Alan Chiu, Founder and CEO of, a core contributor to Boba Network. “We are excited to launch on BNB Chain to help that vision come true and grow the multi-chain Web3 experience.”

“Here at BIZI LABS we are excited to be partnering with Boba Networks to help make Blockchain more accessible and interoperable for mass market Mobile phone users.We believe the future is multichain and given Boba’s recent collaborations with other Layer 1’s, notably BinanceSmartchain, we look forward to offering our users reduced gas on several chains in a simplistic interface via the mobile phone screen. 

The BIZI Web3 Mobile platform together with Boba’s multi-chain functionality will provide everyday Mobile phone users with direct and easy access to Boba’s vast range of decentralized applications (dApps) “ says BIZI LABS Founder Alpesh H. Patel

“We are thrilled to work with Boba Network and truly become a multi-chain project thanks to their built-in bridges and lightning fast transactions that can greatly reduce the waiting times for players while remaining cheap. We are excited for a long-term collaboration to create a real Metaverse,” said Lorenzo Stroe, CEO at Nova

“At Nifty Souq, we’re excited to be working with Boba on the first BNB Layer-2 web as it delivers a faster, cheaper, and smarter experience for our users. The solutions that Boba offers allowed us to be the first NFT marketplace in MENA to have the BNB network on our platform,” said Nifty Souq CEO, Nabil AlSayed

About Boba Network

Boba Network is a blockchain Layer-2 scaling solution and Hybrid Compute platform offering lightning fast transactions and fees up to 60x less than Ethereum. Hybrid Compute brings the power of Web2 on-chain, with smarter smart contracts that allow developers and creators to leverage off-chain compute and real-world data to offer an enriched experience unlike anything else on the market today.

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a community-driven, decentralized and censorship-resistant blockchain, powered by BNB. It consists of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain (BSC), which is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible and facilitates a multi-chain ecosystem. It is the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users. It has processed three billion transactions to date from 163 million unique addresses, bringing developers massive user access with ultra-low gas fees and zero downtime since inception. The ecosystem has more than 1,300 active dApps across multiple categories, such as DeFi, metaverse, blockchain games, NFT, and more.


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